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Often, something excites you so much that you forget where you are and the normal reserve rates go out of the window. And when the 16-year-old Aker Okoye got the chance to share a stage with Sussex Duchess Meghan Markle as she toured his high, it's fair to say he got a little carried away. The Duchess made a surprise ride to his collegeRobert Clack Upper College in Dagenham, ahead of International Women's Day in east London.

And when she called Okoye to the stage, he went over the normal royal greeting of a bow, a curtsy or deferential knee drop and steamed in on the cheek for a big hug and a kiss. The Duchess gleefully returned the kiss, leaving Okoye to bumble off his own good luck. Meghan and Harry's husband have become considered to be more egalitarian and liberal than most royals, sometimes neglecting protocol for a more compassionate method.

After acclaimedHe put a cheeky aided away, saying: She is truly beautiful, inn it. I had to speak the truth there. Okoye was quick to remind everyone of the value of International Women's Day, saying: The International Women's Day is a lesson to all that women can do everything and do everything.

That's more of a greeting for all of you gentlemen. Perhaps this Sunday could be the one day that we don't look at women as artifacts. The pupils had held the visit under wraps. Meghan told them during one of her many standing ovations:I thought you knew I was coming so I'm sorry for the shock.

To be here today, is such a pleasure for me. When we were talking about what We decided to do this year for International Women's Day, it was incredibly important for me to be with the women in our future. And that's all you young women now, as well as you young men who have a very big part to play here.

I think coming to your school specifically made a great deal of sense to me because of this social justice and the culture it's grounded in. Meghan also posed for a photo with the students as a reference to the International Women's Day movement ' EachforEqual, ' holding their arms in an equal sign.

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