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He has raised and donated more than 11,000 pounds of excess food to communities throughout the greater Toronto region since he initiated the initiative last May. Colley is the genius behind B12Give a "Super Eats-style" initiative that rescues and donates excess food from catering activities to homeless shelters and food pantries.

It's been three years after Tony Colley had hardly enough food to support himselfand now he's making sure other people don't have to struggle from the same poverty too. Colley says he was inspired to start B12Give after he landed a job as a part-time event manager for a catering company.

He was heartbroken over the process of his work to see the sum of leftover food that was tossed away at the conclusion of an case— so for each incident he began distributing the meals to shelters on his bike.

Now, B12Give delivery service retailers may easily submit a text to Colley anytime they have food to pick up. Colley would then push the food across about an hour to the agencies, allowing B12Give Canada's only barrier-free food distribution service.

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