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We do come across persons with different attitudes and mind sets that differentiate between themselves. These different temperaments differ between the people from one person to the other. No two persons are the same in terms of temperaments or attitudes as the persons are not mentally alike. There may be a similarity in the outlook of two persons but they will surely differ in terms of their thoughts and temperaments.

This has been proven time and again in the history of mankind again and again repeatedly. This has come out in the context of a happening in the country that shows the difference in the thoughts and temperaments of two persons. A certain person was in the habit of buying lottery tickets and try his luck.

One fine day he found that he had won the lottery. And to his utter surprise the lottery amount was a whopping $188 million lottery as the prize amount. He was very happy at his luck and was enjoying the victory. But his happiness was short lived. Actually there was a pastor who knew about the winning amount of the man and her decided to charge the winner man for not donating $10 million to the church.

Well we all know that this is absurd as it is the will and wish of the lottery winner that what he wants to do with the winning amount and there is no one who can force him to do as per his wish. So now this is a question of thinking that whether the pastor is correct to force the man to part with the $10 million on account of the church or keep all the money to himself.

Well you can judge for yourself whether the man is correct on his part or the pastor is correct on his part.

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