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We can all agree that castesim does not have a place in this world. When we see or experience something, the bravest among us shut it down even when it allows for a tough or uncomfortable moment. One such person is Heather Boyer of Houston, Mississippi.Boyer got a shocking text from a friend after her daughter Kennedy shared a beautiful photo of herself to Social Media with her new boyfriend–one that disturbed her so much she took to Twitter to let people know about the contract. She said: My daughter updated a photo of her profile today.

I get a text after maybe 5 minutes, I didn't know she dates a black boy, did you?So often at first such queries may seem harmless, but it is not something that you inquire because you want someone to have an issue with it. To question a mother if she understands what her own daughter is up to, is also pretty insulting.To Boyer it became apparent that not all of her friends were ok with her daughter in an interracial relationship.

But thankfully, she's a woman who knows what love isBoyer said she had been worrying all day about how to react to the letter.Her choice to make her response public was a way to show her respect for the friendship of her friend, to point out the negative effects and to demonstrate what is really important in relationships.She told her friends on Social Media that she was not worried about the partnership, and that she was positive with her daughter:

I actually knew, but his skin's colour doesn't determine who he is. That explains who he is, how my daughter is treated. I see my daughter dating a boy coming into my house, offering me nothing but loveAnd she spoke about the integrity of the young man – not that he had to justify himself – in an attempt to figure out what people in a relationship really should value:

I see my daughter dating a kid who's bringing her with him to church. He plays in the team, she and his family are seated there. How many young men find Church a focus these days? Neither of the others has. He is not trouncing her, cussing her, lying to her or letting her sad. Do I want a white boy to date her and prevent that ethnicity from dating? Definitely not.In just a few months, the article has received over 1.3 million responses and 320,000 likes, and well over 150,000 Social Media comments.

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