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Making a lot of people envy her and feel jealous of her well maintained bosy even at this age Mo’nique is all set to go up the social media with her new avatar. She has lost almot 200 pounds and is a true inspiration to many out there. Even though the Oscar-winning star is beautiful, no matter how many pounds the scale says, we're all excited to watch Mo'Nique feel like she is! And her hourglass appearance is no shock, since she has been a maven in health for several years.

Yet, having only declared a major milestone in March, she is at her tiniest yet. In a latest interview she told about her transformation: Today was the first day I've been under 200 pounds in my adult life, and I decided to let all of you realize it is feasible and you can do it and we can get there, she said on March 29 in an Instagram video.

She hadn't fallen under 200 pounds since she was 17 according to the Precious star! The scale reads 198.4 pounds in the video so we can only guess how much she actually weights.

She also shared her fitness mantras with her fans and told that there is no way to be in a fit body until and unless you love yourself and want to achieve the goal with full dedication.

Mo'Nique takes the second mantra particularly seriously, judging by the number of fun dance videos she posts on her Instagram and YouTube channel, Mo'Nique Worldwide! According to an interview with Fierce, published in 2014, Mo'Nique once weighed around 300 pounds.

Throughout 2013, she lost 82 pounds, and started from there. Mo’nique has proved herself of being a true role model for fitness freaks out there. She knows the real formula to look the best and is enjoying her new look in full swag. With fans pouring their hearts out on her pictures on Instagram Mo’nique is having a gala time of her life and is also responding to the love she is getting in a positive way.

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