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The oldest son of Michael Jackson, Prince Jackson, graduated from college over the weekend and his younger brother, Bigi Jackson, made an unprecedented public appearance to cheer him on. Prince, 22, who graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, took over the weekend to Instagram to post a series of photos from his big day, including one of him and 17-year-old Bigi (whose father called him Blanket) posing together.

Prince fla-shes a peace sign in the cute photo, as Bigi — who is now taller than Prince — beams beside him. Prince gushed about his college experience in his caption, and praised Jackson family members for helping him reach his graduation target.

I wish I could reward all those who helped me make it to the end but I can't and sadly not all of them are seen here. But the greatest thanks goes to tjackson9 (Michael's T.J. Jackson nephew) and his tarylljackson and tajjackson brothers who kept pushing me to graduate and complete my degree when I wanted to quit, he said.

He added, Honestly, I can't tell you if it's all worth it, but I'm proud of my degree because I think it's a testament to my dedication and discipline. While fans haven't seen much of Bigi since his father was ex-pired, one of Prince's Instagram pics also featured the advertising-shy teen last month.

The picture shows the brothers standing with a bunch of their friends on a trip to see Avengers: Endgame.Bigi, in a Marvel Comics T-shirt, sits proudly in the middle of the party as Prince kneels to the far left. Their baby, 21-year-old Paris Jackson is not on the frame.

Bigi is Jackson's son and an unidentified Paris surrogate mother and Prince's mother is Debbie Rowe who was married to Jackson between 1996 and 1999. Prince opened up to TODAY in 2017 about the extraordinary bondhe shares with Paris andBigi.We get along really well with me and my family, Prince said.

She's learned so much more, my mom, and I know she's really been able to step up. And I really don't see myself as her older brother. It's kind of like when it comes down to this, we're equal partners. And for his generation, Bigi's just so mature — it's a pretty strong connection.

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