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The action of LeBron James in basketball game with his 14-year-old son has created online followers. Video footage from the AAU basketball tournament of LeBron James Jr. shows basketball star LeBron, 34, running excitedly to the field to welcome his son and friend after the latter completed an almost flawless alley-oop.

So enthusiastic was the NBA player that one of his sneakers came off on the floor. What seems to be light-hearted fun between a father and son has elicited various responses from a few Twitter people who reported that the resident of Cleveland displayed childlike behaviour.

LeBron was also filmed ahead of the tournament doing warm-up with his son's team."Bronny" Jr. displays hope for athletic success. He got a standing ovation from his family in 2018 after attaining his first dunk with a suit featuring his father's number 23 in a basketball game in middle school.

Bronny led the squad that day, scoring 27 points as Blavity has previously stated. Seems as Black Mothers are cursed because they do, because if they don't, they are punished.

Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports, who told LeBron to lay [his] body down, would have been expelled from building One critic. One consumer found a trend except in Whitlock. Listen, that is not what we meant. Others were also having a hard time seeing the problem.

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