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Ciara shares her two-year-old daughter Sienna with her partner Russell Wilson and her five-year-old son Future shares the same name with her father. And on Thursday afternoon, the 34-year-old popstar took to Instagram to share a series of photos showing off the luxurious, tailored bedrooms she created for each of her precious children.

It has been so enjoyable partnering with jandjdesigngroup to put our dream to life! Moving to the kid next!Ciara captioned her 24.8million fans in the tweet. Ciara continued:' I recall the excitement we had in waiting for the birth of our princess Sienna! Future has been updated to space for a Big Boy. He'd been so happy to have a new child.

Wilson commented that along with his four-year-old friend, he'd have too much fun bringing the rooms together. Looking have a newborn next!Wilson repeated the closing remark from his aunt. The Get Up songstress first showed off son Future's space, featuring a bed frame in the shape of a 4x4 almost life-size blue jeep.

Complete with a ascending rope, the otherworldly sleeping structure has proven to be the ideal resting spot for the five-year-old artist. Dressing the room's walls was an collection of Superhero decals showing some of their most famous actions in front of a black-and-white cityscape.

There was also a vintage-inspired model trunk in the house, and a miniature model gas pump situated by Future's bedside. Ciara had a classic table hanging from the ceiling with' egg chair' sitting in the corner. Ciara also gone for a softer set-up for two-year-old Sienna, comprising of soothing colours and lots of smooth, baby-approved textures.

Underneath a wall lamp was a wooden cradle, which read out the name of Sienna. A fluffy blanket lined the wood flooring in the bedroom and suited a fur ottoman nearby.

Various animal artworks and figurines can be seen placed throughout the space and exhibited. In 2017 Ciara and Wilson accepted Sienna, only one year since their wedding in 2016. Five-year-old Future was born back in 2014, three months after his father Future separated from Ciara.

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