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A crippled little boy couldn't get home from the hospital because his house wasn't wheelchair accessible so NBA great Shaquille O'Neal recently bought the boy and his family a brand new home. Isaiah Payton, twelve, fled a game of high school football in Atlanta, Georgia back in August after breaking out near the field and a rogue ball hit the young man in his abdomen, paralyzing him from his knees.

O'Neal was just one of the community's people who was especially destroyed by the incident so he quickly stepped up to the plate when he saw a chance to help the sufferers. Isaiah spent the last two months healing from the ambulance crash but even after rehabilitation from the incident,

He was unable to move to his parents 'one-bedroom home because it was not wheelchair accessible. Later, O'Neal purchased a brand new family home in the College Park district. Not only that, the athlete says, with a modest amount of support from Papa John's CEO Rob Lynch, he will cover the house rent for next year.

It's a nice area, O'Neal told journalists from WXIA Atlanta. We're going to give her some beds, televisions and we're going to pay her a year's lease and help her get on her feet.

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