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These are the funniest and most embarrassing photos from weddings that you can possibly see. Are you prepared to laugh hysterically? Well, whether you are or are not- some of these are definitely going to have you cracking up!

1. A Grand Entrance

It is a given that the guests are usually quiet and amazed as the bride walks down the aisle. All typical vow ceremonies simply work that wat. Well, this bride thought bigger and better- we are not sure whether the guests were quiet in shock or laughing as she made her grand entrance.

2. Bigfoot The Photobomber

The wedding pictures are extremely important and supposed to be a special experience for the newlywed couple. Sometimes others simply do not really care about your wedding. They must be crossing over on to his turf here.

3. After The Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are serious, of course. THat’s why we have a reception, to party and change the tone. Wedding parties are often rather intense, this bride got the worst of it though that is for sure.

4. Rock N Roll

These lovebirds look extremely happy to be married, their smiles say it all. They had obviously been waiting a while for their special day, but look a little closer at the photobombers in the plants. Epic!

5. The Crazy Uncle

The retinue was ready and posed very nicely in fact. They had put on their best faces for the photo. Little did they know that the crazy uncle would soon crash the picture completely. Who let him out?

6. Not A Care In The World

This bride has her gorgeous smile plastered on her face, ready for a beautiful memory to be captured. Bridesmaids were in action, positioned perfectly too. However, the pugs were certainly not on board.

7. Run, Forrest, Run

This groomsman certainly forgot the famous Forrest Gump quote, “Run, Forrest, run!” We have no clue what actually was happening here but everyone seems to be cheering him on so…

8. Scratching That Itch

These bridesmaids thought no one was behind them. Maybe the dress was uncomfortable or they simply just had to sort out that wedgie, next time they should have a little look you never know when someone might just be behind you…with a camera.

9. The Gigantic Bridesmaid

Usually, all the attention is on the newlyweds, well mainly the bride. At this wedding, the spotlight was a little shifted, but it truly was nobodies fault. The memory is most important.

10. She Doesn’t Care

We highly recommend signing a prenup before you get married. You truly never know what situation you may find yourself in. They just tied the knot and the bride felt free to do as she pleases.

11. A Windy Wedding

This bride was struggling on her big day, however, her biggest enemy was the wind. We truly hope the rest of her day was better than this particular second, and that there was no rain involved.

12. A Cakey Incident

This is enough to make any bride cry. Cutting the cake is a highlight for guests and the wedding party. Unfortunately, this happened just moments before the happy couple was about to indulge. Are you cringing too?

13. No Tux Please

Who needs a tuxedo when your bride agrees to a spray-paint theme instead? Strange is an understatement but he got his bride to agree on a theme so, whatever works for them.

14. The Sleeveless Groomsmen

This is definitely not conventional wedding attire, nor can it really be considered as fancy. Adding in the tan lines, jeans and color scheme this wedding party really missed the ball.

15. Incidents Happen

We acknowledge that accidents do happen but this is just really sad, how this even happened we have no idea. Weddings are supposed to run smoothly- they mark the beginning of forever for the couple.

16. He Blacked Out

This groom went all out at his wedding as one should. He may have overdone it a bit as his wife is certainly the one carrying him through the door in this case, blackout is a tad too far.

17. The Levitating Bride

Yes this bride does have legs and no she was not levitating- the cameraman simply caught the moment just right. Her legs are being hidden by her dress.

18. Drop The Pants

These groomsmen didn’t want anyone to get confused, especially not the bride so they marked themselves where it’s most important. They just have to turn around and drop their trousers to prove it.

19. A Smug Photobomber

Reason number one amongst a million others of why a private beach may be a better idea for a wedding photoshoot. Well, at least he was chuffed with his accomplishment.

20. Lack Of Clothes

The bride was clearly having an issue but the man in the back could not have chosen a worse moment to be wearing his speedo. Better luck next time.

21. Planking In Church

This must have been when planking was a thing just randomly, no doubt he got some credit but he ruined an absolutely beautiful picture. this bride and groom look so happy and so in love.

22. Just Horsing Around

Whoever thought that bridesmaids or even just women in fancy dress acted like ladies, well, think again. These two took it a little too far and never mind the children in the back.

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