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The latest attempt by Serena Williams to test the waters as an Instagram influencer was momentarily foiled by her 2 year old daughter Olympia, who stole the show when participating in her mother's current makeup routine picture. Tennis pro Serena, 38, wowed her fans last month when she posted a detailed look into her nighttime beauty routine, showing a thorough plan that included items worth more than $1,500.

However, Serena met an unexpected obstacle when it came to recording her morning routine in the same manner-competing for screen time with her cute baby, who seemed bent on stealing the spotlight. Serena can be seen posing in front of her bathroom mirror wearing a custom black Versace robe in a clip posted to Instagram on Monday-while her daughter Olympia, whose father is Reddit creator Alexis Ohanian, is peeking out over the sink in front of her.

The baby seems to be a little further along in her daily routine, clad in what seems like a princess dress and a cute matching scrunchie; meanwhile, Serena gets her hair covered with a cap and is maquillable-free. And despite the video being recorded first thing in the morning, Olympia is full of energy.

Starting off the clip by enthusiastically talking to the camera, and repeatedly saying what sounds like' coffee.'Are you OK?Serena tells her mom, while the little girl's head lies on her knees. That's how I usually do my night routine, I never do my day routine or morning routine,' says the tennis star, as Olympia chatters alongside her.

And I wanted to show you my practice in the morning and Olympia wants to show you. It's morning and I want a clean smile, so I wake up and then I'm going to do the Knesko Diamond Radiance,' she says, holding up a $16 eye masks kit-the same brand that appeared in her routine at night.

It's going under my hair,' she continues on, before Olympia stops her mother by holding up two Beautyblenders-one white and one purple-and trying to explain that they are for the cosmetics of her parents. Yeah, and this is for my skin,' answers Serena, before proceeding with her routine and the move of the first eye mask:' But this one goes under my eye. Then I washed my face with cold, and I put these under my eye now.'

But just as she slips back into the groove of her routine, Serena is again disrupted, this time by Olympia taking a tube of Mario Badescu Facial Spray and mischievously spritzing it in the face-just as her mother tries to reach for her second eye mask.

Olympia,' Serena then sighs at her baby, before completely giving up on the recording and shutting off the device. But whatever disappointment the sports icon had towards her daughter evaporated completely in no time, and as Serena went to share the footage on Instagram, she was ready to make a joke about the whole thing, writing:'

@OlympiaOhanian is still too young for eye masks but she can handle the beautyblender for sure!The new beauty video attempt by Serena comes just weeks after she shocked her Instagram followers with an evening routine clip showing her very thorough and very pricey regimen.

The player, who has 39 grand slam titles to her credit, took Instagram to record her intricate beauty routine in February as she was getting ready for bed with a bottle of Prosecco in hand.

The mother-of-one, who had already been kitted out in white, animal print pyjamas, began' Serena's Beauty Tips' with her hair tied back in a low bun in a full face of makeup. So some of the hardest choices I create when I go to bed is what mask I'll wear,' she clarified.

Everywhere I have goggles'. Serena then panned around her bathroom counter to reveal hundreds of face masks stacked up on top of each other, including a number of Dr.Jart's items, as well as a Knesko Diamond Radiance mask The sports star instead switches to show a cabinet-properly called' sheet masks '-that's full of even more cosmetics.

I'm a makeup addict, a freak,' she says, before saying:' Whoever wants to send me masks, go ahead.' Following her rapid bathroom trip, the mother-of-one began' taking off her make-up for the day' using her mother's fabric make-up remover.

My mom gave me these removers of makeup that I love because they don't completely ruin my other towels,' she said. One substance I just fell in love with is this AmorePacific, it's really good to remove maquillage,' Serena went on to explain, holding up a bottle of the $50 Cream Washing Oil Face & Eyes brand.

And then everyone suspects that I'm using retinol cream so tonight I'm not going to use thatShe then goes on to a fresh $75 cleanser from the celebrity-loved skincare company Dr. Barbara Sturm which she is eager to try.

Tonight, I'll try Dr. Sturm's Enzyme Cleanser to see how that functions,' she noted. Serena went on to explain why she prefers' research goods' instead of being a' only one product kid,' before giving her fans a picture of thousands of items on her table.

Then when I discover something I like I stay with it for about a year or two,' she said. The tennis star also offered her fans a rundown of some of the items she currently enjoys, including the Effaclar Cleanser by La Roche-Posay ($14.99) and the Facial Spray by Mario Badescu with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea ($12).

She then starts digging around in her drawers, discovering that one of her' best' items of all time is the $190 MZ Skin Radiance and Regeneration Instant Clarity Processing Cream, adding that her most dedicated followers' will learn' how much she enjoys it.

Serena then puts herself right in front of her mirror to add her first evening mask-My True Squeeze Manuka Honey Mask from Innisfree ($1.80). I've just finished cleaning my eyes, there's nothing on my face, no brush, nothing on my neck,' Serena said as she began her routine of skin care. I'm going to try this manuka honey[ cover] that my friend got me from Korea.''

I was in cold weather and manuka honey moisturizes the skin and I chose something that would bring a lot of moisture to it.' After she let the sheet mask sit down for 20 minutes, and drank a glass of Prosecco, she gave her face and neck some remaining.

She then clarified that she is taking' special care' of her eyes before adding another serum-the $350 Wine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Eye Serum-to her' black pockets' beneath. We are near the end, don't give up on me now, it's time to apply your mask now. You just add it after you have a serum,' says Serena, putting her mask with the $189 DMH Aesthetics Light Protector.

The mother-of-one added another MZ Skin pick, the $410 Replenish & Restore Placenta & Stem Cell Night Recovery Mask, which includes placenta and stem cells, for her last skincare phase. With a swipe of the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum ($85), she then finishes it all off. Alright, goodnight,' she said. The charm of the serene is over for the day'

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