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Cardi b gets online and tells her fans about her experience on delta airlines. Cardi b is used to ridind on private airplanes for $20,000 plus, but she decided to use delta airlines on this particular day to save cash. On the flight a woman continued to put her feet up on side cardi after knowing that it was not the right thing to do.

We do not know if the woman knows cardi b or not, but we all know the attitude that cardi has and what she was thinking. Cardi mentions that the lady sitting behing her picked her feet up and put right onside of cardi. Cardi looked at her which cardi thought that the lady got the picture. 30 minutes later the lady thought that cardi b was sleep and put her feet up again.

This time cardi didnt take it too lightly and wanted to fuss at the woman. Instead, cardi b does something unthinkable and disturbs the whole airline by farting. She said that it was a silent one, but rest assure it reaked and had people confused and upset. She said that she hit her goal by upsetting the woman sitting behind her but angered the rest of the plane.

The problem was the cardi was on her woman issue and when that happens things tend to be a little scared. Cardi went on to say that she felt bad for her security guard, but luckily he was sleep and probably only received a wiff of the fearful smell.

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