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Gabrielle Union is now an author of Welcome to the Party children's books, which the actress claims was influenced by the birth of her first daughter Kaavia James.Union said to PEOPLE, I'm so happy to announce my first book for youth. After my daughter's birthI've been even more motivated to create stories that not only reflect the global melting pot in which we reside, but also celebrate life and the interesting, teachable lessons that come at all ages.

LuanaHorry, editor of HarperCollins Children's Books, also told PEOPLE, When I learned of Kaavia James ' birth, I was struck by the beautiful and loving way in which her parents presented her to the world. Operating with Gabrielle Union on her special parenthood milestone was more than an honor— it was such an enjoyable experience. While this may be the first children's book for Union, she is no novice to writing. With her 2017 novel We're Going to Need More Wine.

Stories That Are Interesting, Complicated, and Real, she is already a New York Times bestseller.The latest work of Union is described as a joyful and universal letter of love from parents to their babies. According to Harper Collins, it is an exciting celebration of new life that you will want to celebrate with your little guest of honor over and over again.

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