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The 2019 XXL Freshman posted a video on Thursday (Oct. 17) that will be tugging at your heart strings. In the clip, a homeless mother named Amanda approached DaBaby in a clothing store with her young child in tow, and asked him if he would buy some of her hats. She apparently waited for DaBaby to show up for a meeting and greeting at the store for three hours, so she could show him her wares.

Amanda has also revealed that she and her young son are homeless and live in their car. The singer from North Carolina also dishes out $1,000 in cash for her shoes. DaBaby then gives some of the hats back and tells her to offer them to another guy. Amanda is overwhelmed by the altruistic act of DaBaby, and begins to cry.

Together with her young child, the two take a photo from there, who is fixated on watching YouTube on the smartphone of his mother. "This is my friend, we sleep wild boy. Thanks so much,' Amanda says. DaBaby writes in the caption, "GODs WORK."

This is not the first time DaBaby has done an act of charity. Last week, DaBaby spotted a group of boys on a street corner selling cookies, and decided to help support their business venture. He purchased cookies worth $230 and then ordered the children to keep them, to their great surprise. The expression was identical to one he made earlier this week, when a group of young children were trying to sell him cookie boxes.

DaBaby had them throw every last box they had into a bin before handing them more money than it was worth the cookies and telling them to keep the change and the goods so that they could continue to sell them and make a profit. As DaBaby is blowing to become one of this year's most talked-about artists, it's great to see this side of him and have the world talk about him for reasons other than controversial.

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