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We have been through a lot of educational toys that are produced for the education of the kids. These toys assist the kids to gain knowledge and improve their IQ in the sense that they can be abreast the other students of their class. These toys help in making their brain sharp and increase their knowledge in a certain subject and become more knowledgeable. These toys come in a number of shapes and technologies.

Some are shaped as robots, some are shaped as building blocks, or electronic gadgets or sports items or computers or lap tops or dolls etc.

Today we are going to talk about a different toy . this toy is developed for the kids to improve their vocabulary in different languages of the world. This toy has been designed as a doll. A talking doll. The doll has all the features of a fancy doll, it is dressed in a frock in vibrant colors and has a lovely face and it has its hands and legs with shoes and also a hidden compartment for the batteries.

It also has flowing and silky hair on its head with a ribbon tied in them to make a lovely pony tail. The main feature of the doll is that it can speak in 12 different languages. If you ask her a question in English, then she will answer the same in the selected language out of the 12 languages. The best part is that you can select the language of your choice in which you want the doll to answer your question.

This doll is very handy for the persons who are working in different multi-national companies where you have to communicate with different people who speak different languages and belong to different nationalities of the world. This doll is a talking wonder and can be helpful in learning the different languages of the world, at least the languages that are programmed in the doll.

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