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Billing software helps in creating and managing invoices, accurate estimates, track expenses, and handle financial transactions related to products or services to customers or clients. Now billing software does not restrict to the billing process only, it does help in inventory management, tasks management, reporting, financial processes and more.

It’s very hard to find the best billing software to enhance efficiency and productivity. Today, we will look at the top 5 billing software for the glass industry. We will outline their features and why you just choose it for your business. Keep reading to learn more.

Top 5 billing software for businesses in 2023

Here are our picks of some of the best billing software in 2023.


QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Software, a cloud accounting solution designed to overcome the needs of chartered accountants (CAs), bookkeepers, and small business owners. 

Features of QuickBooks Online:

  • Create professional, GST-compliant invoices with ease.
  • Accessing tax and accounting data from anywhere, at any time. 
  • Integrates with hundreds of third-party applications, enhancing productivity and extending functionality.
  • Uploading files and mapping fields for data import is streamlined.
  • Empowers users to generate customized accounting reports.

Why choose QuickBooks Online:            

  • It's user-friendly and suitable for businesses of all sizes. 
  • It provides real-time financial insights.
  • It simplifies accounting tasks, making financial management accessible to all.
  • Small business owners can create and send GST-ready invoices effortlessly.

Pricing of QuickBooks Online:

Starting at $25 per month


A software designed for small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed professionals to manage their financial tasks with ease is FreshBooks.

Features of FreshBooks

  • Create invoices that impress clients and include clear details of your work and costs. 
  • Automate payment acceptance to streamline your cash flow.
  • Track your expenses effortlessly.
  • Keep tabs on billable hours with precise time tracking tools.
  • Stay organized and manage your projects effectively.
  • Access your financial data on the go, ensuring you're always in control.

Why choose FreshBooks

Boasts an impressive Excellent Star Rating based on thousands of user reviews. Simplifies the complex world of accounting and bookkeeping with a user-friendly interface. It offers a wide range of features too.

Pricing of FreshBooks

 Premium - $ 27.50 USD/month (50% off for 5 months)

Try It Free for 30 Days

Zoho Invoice:

Enter Zoho Invoice, a feature-rich invoicing software that simplifies your financial workflows with an amazing suite of tools to streamline your invoicing process and more.

Features of Zoho Invoice:

  • Transform approved quotes into projects effortlessly.
  • Add and manage your customers' contact details efficiently.
  • Offering a collaborative customer portal.
  • Leverage customer feedback to continually improve your services.
  • Track your work hours accurately for precise billing to your clients.
  • Automate payment reminders, freeing up valuable time otherwise spent chasing payments.

Why choose Zoho Invoice:

Creating and sending invoices is a breeze with Zoho Invoice. Enables you to schedule invoices for automatic delivery on a future date, ensuring timely payments. Say goodbye to manual invoicing for repetitive tasks.  Impress your clients with invoices that match your brand.

Pricing of Zoho Invoice:

This powerful invoicing platform is absolutely free of cost.


A successful glass company demands efficiency and accuracy, your problem is solved with GlassManager. The premier glass software designed to catapult your business ahead of the competition.

GlassManager is your all-in-one solution (only one solution for all problems) for both commercial and residential glass shops. It enhances client interactions and optimizes communication with field staff and suppliers. 

Features of GlassManager:

  • Equip your field staff with a mobile app for on-the-go organization and efficiency.
  • Prepare professional quotes quickly to secure more jobs with our flexible estimating tool.
  • Clients can approve quotes instantly online.
  • Manage every aspect of simple to complex jobs efficiently.
  • Access real-time dashboards and insightful reports for complete business visibility.
  • Integrate with popular accounting software to avoid data duplication.
  • Schedule your team effectively for smooth job execution.
  • Manage all vendors and create purchase orders with ease.
  • Facilitate faster billing and online payments.
  • Keep track of purchased and used materials.
  • Manage inventory stock from anywhere, anytime.

Why choose GlassManager:

With GlassManager, your glazing business gains a strategic edge by its powerful features. Cash flow management becomes a breeze with accurate billing, seamless monitoring of purchase orders and invoices, and real-time financial record synchronization. Accelerate project timelines with efficient task management. They Track staff hours on-site for accurate billing. Monitor purchase orders (POs) and invoices seamlessly. Ensure jobs are completed within budget and on schedule, enhancing trust.

Pricing of GlassManager:

Price: $85 per full user per month

Minimum Users: 3 Users

Additional Field User: $10 per field user per month

Setup Fee: Starting at $495

Document Storage: 5 GB


Now managing your business finances doesn't have to be a headache, With Wave     Accounting. Whether you need invoicing, accounting, mobile receipt tracking, payroll services, or expert advice, Wave Accounting offers a range of tools that can be used separately or together to suit your unique business requirements.

Features of Wave Accounting:

  • Create customized invoices that reflect your brand.
  • Accept credit card, bank payments, and Apple Pay directly from invoices.
  • Unlimited income and expense tracking.
  • Collaborate with partners, collaborators, or accountants.
  • Access expert support from a team of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll experts.
  • Perfect for newcomers and those looking to maximize Wave's potential.
  • Enjoy tailored advice and year-round access to Advisors.

Why choose Wave Accounting:

Enjoy automatic synchronization of invoice payments with your accounting dashboard. Get your money in as fast as 1-2 business days for credit card payments and 1-7 business days for bank payments. Scan and import unlimited receipts, saving you time and hassle. Access your expense information digitally, securely backed up in the cloud. Say goodbye to manual bookkeeping and make tax preparation a breeze.

Pricing of Wave Accounting:

$8 billed monthly (or $72 billed annually - Save 25%).

Credit Cards: 2.9% + $0.60 USD per transaction, 3.4% + $0.60 USD per AMEX transaction.

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