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An important milestone for some people is getting married and it’s the perfect way to start your life journey with your soulmate. But like anything in life, there will be ups and downs and that’s what makes wife memes relatable and funny for husbands…and wives too! We scoured every corner of the interweb to find some of the best and funniest wife memes just for you! I hope you enjoy the following 65 funny memes and if they make you laugh, please share them with your wife!

1. Let the wife memes begin!

“If a tiger strike your mother in law and wife at the same time, who would you save? The tiger.”

2. “Happy wife. Happy life.”

3. “Me and my wife have a child. We named him Sum-Ting-Wong.”

4. “Are you involved in any riskful sports? Well, sometimes I disagree with my wife.”

5. Funny wife memes for a happy life.

6. “I love sentence my wife home so I can cook dinner for her.”

7. Funny wife memes told me to do it.

8. “Doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, and complains constantly. Why am I still married?”

9. “Don’t be unhappy if you are being used for relation. It is awesome. Be unhappy if you are being used for cooking and laundry.”

10. “Every man has this look when his wife is driving.”

11. My wife memes just for you.

12. Enjoy these good wife memes and make me a sandwich while you’re at it!

13. “Happy wife, happy life. Nothing rhymes with a happy husband. Welcome to married life.”

14. Some of these funny wife memes can be mean.

15. “Wife when her relatives are coming VS When husband’s relatives are coming.”

16. “Wife at home VS Wife when she goes out for a girl’s night.”

17. Husband and wife memes for a job well done.

18. “My husband told me to pick up some oil. Now I know how guys feel in the aisle.”

19. “If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks…Why is there a light in the fridge?”

20. “It took you 10 minutes to get home. Google Maps says it takes 8. Who is she?!”

21. “Married life. Any guesses which one’s the wife?”

This is how people reacted to this post:

kodimela - He should be given an Oscar… bahut togetherness. My only advice to the guy “ Run”.

Danny - I know many, many people who go through all of this.

Finn - if you find this funny at all you have no sense of humor

Thund3rb - Married for 52 years before losing my wife to earlier this year. I can tell you that every one of these is exactly on the mark.

Maria Weston - If men are so unhappy, why marry in the first place? If married, get divorced. Go to a therapist. Some of these are pretty funny. Found me in one of them…the piggy.

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