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Woman Goes Viral After Distracting Gas Station Robber By Giving Him 0-ral Until C-ops Arrive – Video

A ro-bb-er in Slovakia was caught by po-lice after a woman performed a s-x act on him – delaying him long enough for officers to reach the scene. The man, a 24-year-old Serb, had been attempting to r-b a petrol station on the outskirts of Bratislava overnight on Tuesday when the incident took place. While trying to get money from the safe, a 36-year-old Czech woman began to perform a s-x act on him, before officers found the pair half-na-d on the floor.

The incident began when the man ran into the petrol station and demanded that staff hand over money, reported local news station Noviny. The robber charge staff member behind the counter multiple times, before taking money from the cash register. He then went to the back office, where a second member of staff was sitting, and demanded that they open the safe. While the safe was being opened, the first member of staff ran outside and called po-lice, who raced to the scene.

Meanwhile, the ‘mystery’ woman appeared and began performing a act on the man, delaying his escape. In the meantime po-lice turned up, and were able to detain the suspect. Officers said the man ‘put up stiff resistance’ and that ‘coercive measures were used against him’.

Noviny said it is not clear how the robber and the woman ended up in the int-im-ate situation, and that investigations are ongoing. The man is currently being held in coustdy, pending the results of the investigation.

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Denise Hayes DaviesThat’s an unnecessary level of dedication if you ask me.

Billy Ray ValentineNow she’s the real hero! What city is this? Asking for a friend

Cindy MurphyThe Shell Station needs to give that woman a raise plus full health

Cheryl AdamsSh-t…he could have the entire store!!!…..I guess she can file for workman’s compensation

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