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A woman has been disowned by her extended family and banned from all future family events after her grandma and aunt signed up to her Fans account and realised what kind of things she was posting on there.

Ava Louise, 22, is something of an Instagram celebrity, with 270,000 followers keeping their eyes open for her photographs.

However, she also shares some slightly different snaps over on her account, where folks can pay a monthly subscription fee to see a bit more than the Instagram privacy policy will allow.

Unfortunately, her family didn't do their research and ended up subscribing and getting quite a shock when they saw some of the content shared on there.

Speaking to LADbible, Ava explained: "So, I'm Instagram famous. "I'm friends with Tana [Mongeau] and I do TikTok and have a song. I have like, almost 300k on Instagram and [I'm] verified, and my parents obviously see my Instagram.

"I don't really speak to my extended family but they also keep up with me on Instagram. "But, I posted an advert for my Fans on there.

"So I guess they just got curious to see what I posted on there, and I think that maybe they assumed that it was just more content for my fans. You know what I mean?" Well, when they figured it out, they got quite an awakening.

Ava continued: "[Now] they won't talk to me anymore. My grandma refuses to acknowledge my existence." Wow.

That's pretty stiff. In this day and age, it's a way of making money that more and more people are turning too.

It's probably still pretty alien to an older audience, though. When pressed on how long it might take to rebuild the family bonds, Ava explained:

"I think it'll take a really long time. "My grandmother would probably make me go to church, but I don't want to do that. No. "I love my fans, and it's fun. So, I have no intentions of stopping.

"I don't care. I literally told my grandma - 'thank you for the money'. I was like 'it's more than you've given me in my Christmas cards for the past couple years, so thanks.'" What do you say to that as a grandparent? Ava added:

"She told me that I needed Jesus and to go to church." That sounds like pretty much exactly what you'd imagine a grandmother to say. Either way, Ava will have to find other plans for this Easter's family get-together.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Braeden Kovac - Sounds to me that they weren't fans of it. Missed opportunity..

Aaron Kosanke - Questions, How did Grandma find the onlyfan page?

Sarah Lamb - Her family don't want to think of their relative prostituting herself online, I'd not want that for my child either would you in their shoes?

Nicole Megan - Just because a guy has a lot of followers doesn’t mean he don’t have STDs

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