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Will Smith's son Trey is 28! And his father made sure on Wednesday to let the world know. Just in time for Trey's big day, Smith posted a fun throwback photo of the pair of them — and a special re-creation of that picture: "What has 6 legs and just turned 28?" Smith wrote in the caption of the slideshow, which featured the father and son next to each other, both wearing suits, with young Trey perched on a chair. "One of my favorite people on Earth … standing on a chair. I love you, T-Ball. Happy Bday!"

And if you click on the image, you'll get a special treat: Will and Trey Smith next to one another again, with Trey atop another chair … but this one is much more recent! Trey is Will's son from his first marriage to Sheree Zampino; they were married from 1992-95. Smith married Jada Pinkett Smith in 1997, and they have two children: Jaden, 22, and Willow, 20.

The actor-rapper and Trey were at odds for years, as Smith noted in an Instagram video in 2018, saying in the caption that "we struggled for years after my divorce from his mother." But the pair have become much closer since those difficult days and are now clearly having a lot of fun with each other. Happy birthday, Trey!

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Tomeka Jones - Wow happy birthday to Will smith first born from his first wife may God continue to bless y'all to be together many many years to come I love seen father and son get along with each other

Sharon Sears - Praying that you're blessed with a thousands more blessed happy heaths safe loved financial independent respected filled with joy in your heart and the presence of the father the son and the holy spirit birthdays in JESUS name AMEN much love and respect

Peggy Graham - Mr Trey is a nice looking Man Gentleman!! his mom really raised him right…God Bless her !!!!! & HBday!!! Many may not remember at one time it was said that this is Will Smith son I know you can't tell because he was raised in a very diff home

Mary Smith - While I have respect for Will, I will just say,from I I saw, he had a safety net. I truly respect him and Jada only he way they raised their family! I thank GOD, I was not in their situation.

Kathryn Miller-Buncich - I recently had the privilege of see[ng a son and father reunion after similar circumstances…they hadnt spoken in about 16 years…the Grandma my dearest friend made the arrangements and we all met in Vegas…and they both really longed for and needed each other so badly that they warmed up and became instant friends. When his son went to the restroom…his dad cried and said happiest day of his life and thank you Mom…so touching to witness. I'm glad it happened because the dad has a serious health problem and didnt share it till later in the trip so it didnt affect the tone of the reunion right off. Hope they spend many more times together.

Paul F. Phillips - I taught Robsol Pinkett in junior and then senior High School. He was Jada Pinkett's Dad and he was one of my all time favorite students. I wish that situation in their family had been different. They really missed out on a very clever and warm father and grandfather. RIP Robsol, you are always in my memory.

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