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We Found The Girl Who Danced To “Living Single’s” Theme Song And Sis Looks Good As Hell – Video

Ever since the classic television show Living Single began streaming on Hulu, people who grew up in the 1990’s lead healthier and happier lives. (We don’t have data to back up that, but we’re absolutely sure). Living Single is about a group of young adults living in New York, juggling life, friendship and love, in the very unlikely possibility that you’ve never seen it. Fun fact: The wildly popular show Friends influenced it.

Everything about the series was nice, even the intro with Queen Latifah performing the theme song and blocking out a performer whose name we never saw Scam.

Particularly this swinging arm dance, tho, took us out fully and had YAAASS sound to our souls! Before we had the word–due to the vibrant LGBT men on the ball stage! — to make things visual. We figured out after poking around the internet that the famed choreographer is Leslie “Big Lez” Segar, @yourgirllez on Instagram, and sis is all goals #skingoals, #fitgoals.

She was a professional dancer who collaborated with some of the biggest stars of rock. This #blackgirlmagic flashback photo of her and Mary J. Blige is the cutest. As / Is reached out to Lez to see what she was up to 20-plus years later and the Queens resident is still choreographing in Los Angeles. I was a spry 24-year-old when I filmed Living Single. It was directed by Otis Sallid, who had collaborated for Spike Lee, and he wanted me to do this to whet their appetite, she told us. Neither one of us had the work when we filmed it, but they enjoyed it, kept it and it’s the history of broadcasting today.

Lez said she’ll always be an artist and a gymnast and there’s still steps! I’m spinning as I eat. And when there’s house music booming, I choose my favorite spot next to the biggest speaker on the hall, she added, with a bit of baby powder to get it grooving. After the get-down I may just need some epsom salt or ibuprofen.


And we had to get the deets on her beautiful face, of course. The Mystery? Baby oil gel on her body, and lavender oil on her face, or light cocoa butter. Translation: Gens Blessed! I’m having it from my mom and grandma; they’ve got flawless skin, she told us. Actually, I’m eating well and drinking plenty of water so it works and recommend everyone to follow the same.

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