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Waitress Roasts Kylie Jenner For Tipping $20 On $500 Bill In Br-utal TikTok – Video

Julia Carolan took to the social media platform this week to share some gossip about a number of A-listers, including Bella and Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Drake and Josh star Josh Peck. The TikTok user used to work as a hostess in a couple of ‘fancy Manhattan restaurants’, and has decided to share her experiences on social media. Her celebrity ratings were spread across two videos, with the first tackling the Hadid sisters, American internet personality Cameron Dallas, ‘Mrs Beiber’ Hailey Baldwin, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner.

Though her reviews started off well, with a score of 10/10 for Gigi and Bella, they quickly went downhill as Cameron received 4/10, Hailey received a 3.5/10 – though Hailey did apparently apologise, according to HITC. While Kylie came in last with the measly score of 2/10. Explaining her decision to give Kylie such a low score, Julia explained the entrepreneur was ‘fine’, but said she once tipped ‘$20 on a $500 dinner bill’, adding: ‘Do with that information what you will.’

Staff in American restaurants typically rely on tips to make up much of their income, and while a $20 tip may be considered fairly decent in a cheaper establishment, it clearly wasn’t up to snuff in Julia’s place of work. Customers are typically expected to tip anywhere between 15%-20% for a meal, so for a $500 bill the tip would work out to between $75-$100. By tipping just $20, Kylie’s gratitude for the staff worked out at 4%.

Of course, I wasn’t there, so Kylie may have had a very good reason for tipping just 4%. For all we know, her soup could have been cold, her main course might have come late, and her dessert may have been garnished with a fly. However, considering the restaurant in question obviously attracts many A-listers, it seems unlikely that staff would let any of the customers have a negative experience. Add to that the fact Kylie was once named the youngest self-made billionaire for two years in a row, and the $20 tip just seems that much more insulting. Of course, it could be down to Kylie having to save a bit these days, as she recently lost her billionaire status.

Alongside her video, Julia pointed out the ratings were ‘just [her] personal experiences’ and encouraged viewers to take her comments ‘with a grain of salt’. It’s possible Kylie will come out to defend herself, but unless that happens it’s probably best if other restaurant staff out there remember not to get their hopes up should she ever decide to grace their establishment.

This is how people reacted to this post:

CimpelI don’t understand tipping culture in America. How about restaurants include a liveable wage for their workers? And why isn’t tax included in the price of goods either? Makes no sense to me.

Eddie YangTipping should be abolished and Owners need to be made to guarantee a wage/salary. Tipping over complicates things, like other countries don’t tip i.e Japan

Michael my thing is, if we’re gonna tip, everyone should be tipped. That includes cleaners, cashiers, plumbers, receptionists etc. If not, nobody should get tipped

Yh OngTipping is so foreign in my country. All food bill here includes the tips. Then it’s up to the establishment to share it.

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