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COVID-19 crisis has put the world on a standstill. Socialization loving human beings are confined to their homes and quarantines. It is essential for their safety and survival. However, the condition is causing mental health issues like panic and anxiety among them.

Countries which were the symbol of tourism and socializing activities like the UAE, have halted every social activity and are actively stressing social distancing. It is causing a major loss to businesses. However, health and life are more important than these losses. In this condition, virtual events are a ray of hope that can help people maintain their sanity.

This article aims to share some virtual event ideas to practice social distancing in coronavirus pandemic and to stay unified and sane as well.

Top 6 Types of Virtual Events to Host among COVID-19 Crisis

The progress of technology is proving truly fruitful during this coronavirus pandemic. Although the crisis has forced people to stay in their homes, social media is helping them connect with society and their loved ones. People need support, kindness, and activity to spend this time smoothly. The virtual events can help them achieve these endeavors.

The following are some of the most important types of virtual events to host among the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Online Concert

A music concert is one of the most popular types of the event among the social population of the modern era. However, organizing an event attended by thousands of people is nothing less than a taboo now. The alternative of the online concert is gaining significant popularity at this time.

Online concerts existed before coronavirus pandemic as well. The sponsors acquired the services of event companies in AbuDhabi to set the plan of the concert, as well as ensure its marketing. It helped them ensure the success of the event while providing entertainment at home to people.

2. Cooking Event

Eating is a basic element of survival, which is not possible without cooking. Moreover, cooking also serves as a therapy for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. So, it is the perfect time to arrange a virtual cooking event.

A virtual cooking event is the perfect type of event for big restaurants who are forced to close their doors. They can teach famous recipes to the public and distribute cooked food to underprivileged people. It will not only help them connect with each other but enjoy delicious food.

3. Fitness Event

Staying healthy and boosting the immune system is more important than ever in this crucial time. Staying at home and panicking about international conditions can give rise to binge eating with physical activity. Virtual fitness events can save the struggling population and help them stay fit.

The most important element of this type of virtual event is proper equipment for recording the event. Moreover, setting the agenda and taking care of the time limit is also quite important. The event organizing companies can provide significant support in the organization of such matters.

4. Art Exhibition

Another important type of virtual event, which is extremely important and necessary in this pandemic condition, is art exhibitions. Art also has a therapeutic impact on thinking patterns of the general public, specifically for the older generation who are more at risk now.

If you are an artist or run an art-related institute, it is the perfect opportunity to spread positivity and smile among the general public. You can record a tour or your art gallery with your mobile while talking about important work. You can also go live through social media channels.

5. Brand Awareness Event

One of the most important types of virtual events that you can host in the mid of this social distancing crisis is brand awareness events. You can talk about your brand and guide the people about the present societal condition.

There is no doubt that the present scenario is causing a significant blow to the international economy. Make the people aware of your strategy to fight with this tragic situation and how you plan to come triumphant out of all of this.

6. Social Cause Event

You must be wondering what type of social cause event can be conducted while maintaining social distancing and staying in isolation. The answer is pondering the social condition imposed on human beings and resolving to find their solution in better times.

You can make the virtual audience aware of saving the atmosphere by controlling pollution and promoting plantation. You can also pledge them to be more kind and generous towards the underprivileged people, as stressing the governments to help the needy world communities.

7. Gardening Event

Nature has great strength and positivity. This is one of the best times to take care of it. You can organize a virtual gardening event and teach the virtual audience about it. You can teach them about looking after some daily useable plants. It can include fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

You can acquire the services of events companies in Abu Dhabi to connect with sponsors, the audience as well as handle your social media activity. You can ensure to spread positivity and healthy activity during the time of crisis when overthinking is causing panic among the public.

Stay safe but connected!

This is the time to show the world that we can stay united in any crisis. Social distancing cannot take away kindness and care from us. Follow all the precautionary measures and use social media means to spread the message of hope, unity, and positivity. This, too, shall pass, and a better time is coming!

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