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Of all the murals dedicated to Kobe Bryant and Gianna, Vanessa Bryant seems to have found one she adores 'cause she just snapped a pic of her oldest daughter in front of it. Vanessa posted a sweet tribute Sunday to her late husband and daughter, showing off 17-year-old Natalia in front of a gorgeous piece of art depicting Kobe and Gigi.

Natalia is beaming in a beautiful dress apparently, her high school winter formal is upon us.

VB captioned the post, " my babies. Natalia. #winterformal." The artwork behind Natalia is stunning it shows Kobe kissing Gigi on the head with a halo above.

They're both drawn in with black and white against a sky blue backdrop. Looks to be in a public space too.

We did a little digging and weren't able to locate this specific mural among the many that have popped up over the past two months since Kobe and G's tragic losses.

Perhaps Vanessa and co. are keeping this one their little secret. In the meantime, take a gander at the others made in KB and GB's honor they'll probably leave you in tears all over again.

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