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Tyra Banks has gone viral once again as her fans rib her online for her reliably extravagant behavior. The 47-year-old wore an elaborate evening gown with shoulder pads into a h-ot tub to interview Megan Thee Stallion for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And viewers were quick to find the laughs in the image with one tweeting: 'why is tyra dressed like she's about to be baptized?' Another Twitter user pointed fans to the famous videos of Mariah Carey in January of last year wearing a glittering ball gown with shoulder pads into a swimming pool while staying at a $30 million vacation estate in the Dominican Republic.

'Tyra Banks is channeling her inner Mariah dahling, wearing this bodysuit WITH sleeves, in a H-T tub,' wrote that fan. While some people who watched the interview were perplexed by Tyra's sartorial choices others expressed their admiration. 'I am loving Tyra right now, cause a BOSS does what she wants,' wrote one Twitter user even as another declared: 'Lmfao Tyra is CRAZY!'

Megan has just become the first rapper to cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue - which Tyra was the first black woman to cover. 'What does that feel like, to be first?' Tyra asked Megan who replied: 'I’ve always wanted to do this and now I have the opportunity to do it and I am the first person to do it.

So now I feel like I am opening the door for other girls that look like me to come behind me and do it as well.' She said that 'I had to kick the door down, somebody had to kick the door down for me, but we in here. So now this is come on - come one, come all, you know?'

During the interview Tyra also asked her subject about the differences between Megan and the persona 'Megan Thee Stallion.' 'I feel like it is not a difference really between Megan and Megan Thee Stallion because what you see with me is what you get,' Megan responded. 'I have grown into the woman that I am. I am not perfect.

I ain’t tell nobody I was perfect. I don’t want nobody to think I’m perfect.' The Savage hitmaker continued: 'So that’s why I don’t mind showing my real hair, I don’t mind being so body positive, I don’t mind speaking to anybody because this is me. Like I just so happen to rap and y’all just so happen to like it.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Taneisha Coleman - I’m interested in the backstory of Tyra’s outfit choice. Is this a long suit? Was the decision to get in the tub made at the last minute? So many questions??

handalit32 - Thank you for posting!!! I need more Meg pages like this in my life. The bigger she gets the more haters pop up thank you for being a source of positivity babes

LaDonna Mechelle - I feel like Tyra actually stated subtly in this interview, what may have actually made her choose THIS ensemble for this JACUZZI interview…the fact that most everybody missed it, proved her point this interview was absolutely amazing

Peige Caldwell - I love Megan and I’ve always loved Tyra. They have very similar personalities being that they are both so positive, authentic and always trying to uplift other women. Therefore, I think Tyra was a great interviewer for Megan. Congratulations to girl Meg!!

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