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Motorbike road trip is an exclusive experience. Even if you aren’t a bike enthusiast it’s something you must try once in your life. It’s fun and adventurous in it’s own way. But it’s not as simple as gassing up your car & heading off to the destination. There is a huge difference between motorcycling along highways & traveling on your four wheeler across states. Unlike cars, motorcycles don't give you the luxury of space. You have to be very careful when it comes to packing for your bike trip as it’s more challenging and you have to be extra careful when it comes to travelling safety.

Travelling with the right essentials not only adds up to the fun but makes the whole journey more comfortable and fulfilling. In this article we have compiled a list of travel tested motorcycle road trip essentials. For knowing more about motorbike touring click here

1. A Good road Map

The best thing about motorbike rides is that the journey is more beautiful than the destinations. How you end up there is more thrilling and important compared to what your destination is. Like in treasure hunt movies we love spreading out the maps before and during the tour for getting a bigger picture & identifying the good roads. Cell and gps are a good replacement to road maps but keep in mind anything that has a tendency to go broke can get broken. So it’s wise to carry a waterproof road map with you on your trip to avoid uncertainties because getting lost in the middle of nowhere is the last thing you would want.

 2. Bluetooth Helmet Communicator

Helmets are the necessity for road trips. It’s extremely unsafe and illegal to travel without a helmet in most of the areas. But at the same time a helmet gives you a solitary time while you are wearing it. There’s nothing as such to feel inside but the stuttering sound of wind & engine for soothing your ride, well it’s not that bad either in fact it’s relaxing. But sometimes it's nice to get your favourite tunes going in at the back while you are travelling in the lap of nature. Bluetooth helmet communicator lets you do that; it allows you to chat with the passenger & hear GPS navigation commands via helmet speakers.

3. Flat Repair Kit

Modern day motorcycle tires give a good grip in all weather conditions & let you travel smoothly across thousands of miles. No matter how good or expensive tyres you are using they are still vulnerable to cuts & punctures. And a flat tyre will turn your trip into an adversity in no time. If your motorbike runs on tubeless tires, carrying a flat repair kit would be good for your trip. In case of damage a flat repair kit will get you back on the road in no time. 

4. Portable Air Compressor

After you are done fixing the flat tire, you will be required to reinflate it. Nowadays many flat-repair kits in the market come with the CO2 cartridges, the size of cartridges depends on the size of the tire. They might be insufficient to get them properly filled but it’s a safe option. The best approach is reinflating the tire using the dedicated air compressor which connects to the motorcycle’s battery. They are compact and can be carried easily in your bike luggage. 

 5. Motorcycle Toolkit

These days, most of the motorbikes have the meager or almost nonexistent toolkits. After you have hit the road it will be hard for you to do the extensive repairs, it will enable you to tighten or loose the mirror & adjust the controls or your motorbike’s suspension. There’s a wide range of specialized compact motorbike tool kits available in the market. This toolkit will also be of help in your area to motorbike camping destinations. These toolkits have a wide range of applications and can be operated on more than one brand. 

6. Protecting Padding

You should know that motorbike riding isn’t as safe as car travel. If you are planning for a long motorcycle trip, safety should be at the top of your mind. No matter what the circumstances are, it's something you should never compromise on. Sturdy knee & elbow padding will ensure that you are protected in the unwanted accidental situations. These paddinds are lightweight & breathable, you won't feel that you are wearing something extra.  Their adjustable strap allows you to tighten and loosen them easily.

7. Motorbike Gloves

You should never travel without motorbike gloves. It protects your fingers and helps with the grip. These are outdoor gloves which are ideal for your motorcycle rides. Most of the motorbike gloves come with the fingertip touch technology at both of your index finger & thumb which works well on the touch smart devices. Wearing them makes it hassle-free in case you need them for updating the GPS or accessing the phone. The gloves provide full protection and are extremely comfortable. Most have breathable air vents that aids the airflow. 

8. Toiletries Kit

Toiletries kit makes it easier to get all the toiletries you will be needing on your route save and place at once. It not only saves the time but saves the hussle. The kit usually comes with a  mini travel bag which makes it easier to throw it in the duffel. You will have everything in the compact manner you will need for keeping up your good hygiene and ensuring comfort. Most of them are mini sized so you don’t have to care about the space. 

9. Motorbike Rain Jacket

Motorbike rain jacket is a necessity especially when you are headed on a long country trip, there’s a high possibility that you will meet the rain at any point even if there’s no forecast. To avoid the unwanted circumstances of getting drenched in the rain water and being uncomfortable for hours in your wet clothes,  make sure you pack a lightweight & protective rain jacket along with you. It will be a perfect addition to your bike luggage. 

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