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RSVP is an abbreviation of a French term ‘répondez s'il vous plaît’. The expression means ‘please respond’ in English. The phrase is often used on invitation cards, but many do not pay attention to what it really means. The purpose of this phrase is to ask the invited person to respond to the host and intimate them, whether they will be attending the event. 

It is not just a phrase to add; there a responsibility that comes once you are hosting an event. If you, as a business owner, are about to start planning your corporate event, make sure you hire an adequate resource for execution. An excellent resource will manage the RSVP component of your event with subtlety and skill.

This article will provide you with RSVP management tips for your next event.

Tips to adequately manage RSVPs for corporate events

Corporate events are not easy to manage, considering the business objectives that they are aiming to fulfill. Thus you cannot take any component of their management and organization lightly. For good results on the event day, you need to seek professionals offering services for corporate events Dubai, who will adequately execute your planning ideas.

While there are many online tools available for RSVP management, there’s no substitute for human experience. Thus keep in mind the following RSVP management tips so as to ensure adequately smooth organization and excellent outcomes:

1. Clearly outline your event’s objectives

No matter what you begin with, jotting down goals of the endeavor is the first step to take. The rule doesn’t change for RSVP management either. In fact, when you are clear as to what your event should look like, and what you want it to achieve, it will help manage the guests and invitations better.

Clearly outlining event objectives will help you with the following queries:

  • Number of invitations to be sent
  • What kind of design is required?
  • Is onsite registration for the event required?

2. Confirm event logistics

One of the ways you can save yourself from mismanaging RSVPs is to be certain of logistics. Make sure you do not give away the event date unless you have all the essential logistical information. This includes all the general as well as specific details and confirmations on time, date, and venue.

This certainty is also important to gain for matters like catering, transportation, and procurement of materials. While some parts of this information are not essential to acquire at the confirmation of dates, but at least you must have shortlisted the resource for the required work.

3. Design your invitations

Event invitation cards are your first chance of getting in touch with your event audience. If you are planning a business event, the guest list contains people you want to make a good first impression on, make sure you get the invitation cards designed.

Seek a professional designer and copywriter. These professionals will look into your business priorities and event objectives, and thus design and create event invite accordingly. In this way, you will be able to add a wow-factor to the RSVP management process and make an intriguing first impression.

4. Ensure that the invitations have all the correct information

Mistakes on an official brochure or invitation card is a huge turn-off. It damages our brand image beyond repair. People do not pay attention to the rest of the information if there is a typographical error. Apart from typos, you also need to make sure that the event-specific information has been added correctly.

Check for all kinds of errors, and ensure all the pertinent information is there on the invites and doesn’t involve any factual mistake.  From agenda to date, timing, and directions pertaining to event day, all should be clear, to the point.

2. Create the RSVP timelines

RSVP confirmations have a very important role to play in the event day attendance. For every event, RSVP timelines are important to prepare and follow. A general guideline for even audience invitation and management would include a notification to save the date when it is confirmed. Two weeks later, you can send out a formal email invitation.

Then you can go for a follow-up email in the successive weeks. Then comes the RSVP deadline. After the RSVP deadline, you can confirm the final number of event attendees that you should expect. All of this is difficult to manage without the help of a professional. Thus make sure you hire experts offering services for corporate events Dubai and maximize your event output. The professionals might as well help you achieve the business goals beside increased attendance on the event day.

Concluding thoughts on RSVP Management

Whenever you are arranging an event, the center pint of attention is the people attending the event. When it comes to corporate event management, it becomes all the more important to focus on audience needs for certain reasons. You have to make an impression on your potential investors or clients. You may want to acknowledge the services of your star employees.

All of this requires you to manage RSVP well, and save the things from going south!

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