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Meet Duchess, a Siamese cat who had a rough beginning to her life. Thankfully, rescuers brought her to the Adobe Animal Clinic in Texas, where she got the treatment and medical care that she so desperately needed. “The impact from the car, and seeing the condition she was in, most other places would have chosen to euthanize her.”

Crystal Tate, an employee at the animal medical centre said. However, the staffs didn’t give up on her and repaired her jaw. Although Duchess had undergone the successful operation, she would never be able to eat properly again, as her jaw had been shattered and she only had a few teeth left. She kept staying at the clinic for a month to recover.

She had to eat through a feeding tube and take a number of different medications. In spite of all of this, Crystal fell in love with Duchess and wanted to give her a forever home. “Every day, I would spend time with her, petting her, talking to her and when the doctors asked me if I could give her a home a few weeks later, I knew immediately we were meant to be in each other’s lives. “

Duchess now has a new family at Crystal’s home, including a Siberian Husky named Joshua, her cat brother, Oliver, and a bichon named Peaches. She loves having a family and spends her days playing with them as much as she can.

It’s wonderful that Duchess finally found a forever home after everything she’s been through. Although Duchess needed a few more medical procedures after coming into Crystal’s home, she’s been getting stronger every day because she knows she has a loving family.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Carmen McGuire: "Thank you to everyone involved in the rescue and recovery of beautiful little Dutchess. A special thanks to Chrystal Tate, for giving her a loving home. God bless her and her new family!"

James Turner: "I have 3 cats whom I love to the dnd of the world. I worry they may outlive me. But if I were younger, I would take a dog or cat with special needs. Or, if adopting from a litter of puppies or kittens, I would ask to take the last one left."

Flora Carrillo: "Aw poor baby but she is adorable .I am so happy she is in a loving fur ever home. Thanks to everyone that had a hand and helped in her recovery. God bless everyone!"

William Bridges: "You see that even animals have feelings and awareness of others feeling as well as showing their love and happiness for having a chance for a happy life. I am tearing up writing this."

Grace Degiorgio: "What a beautiful cat, thanks to everybody, who took care of the rescue, you are such lovely people, A big thank you to Chrystal Tate, for being so kind, as to give her a loving home, all animals deserve loving homes, God Bless you all."

Pennie Vincent: "Thank You All For loving And Caring For Dutchess. She Is Beautiful And So Blessed To Have A Forever Home. The Bond Will Be Always Special Between The Two Of You."

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