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Its not rare that we confront someone who has been boarding a flight for the first time in his or her life. And there is nothing to be surprised about it as there are many people in this world who have boarded a flight for the first time at some time or the other in their life time. Of course it is a very frightening experience for some but also it is a most enjoyable experience for the rest of them. Flying in the air has always been a dream for us humans at all times and man has always wondered about the flying abilities of the birds and has always been on the search to find out a way to fly like them in the open sky.

The more experienced flyers look upon the first time flyers with awe and pity them for their innocent fear. It was last week when I was going to visit my aunt on a weekend. I was to catch up a flight for the city of my aunt. I boarded the flight right in time. My seat was the one in the aisle. Just about in front line of my seat was a lady who must be in her late 90s. I noticed after a few minutes that the lady was very nervous and was squirming restlessly in her seat. To me it seamed that she was a bit scared due to the flight.

She didn’t seem like a first timer but the age could have taken its toll on her and she was afraid. I thanked God when a lady came and sat next to the old scared lady. The lady who had just now been seated also observed the scared old lady as I could see that she had caught hold of the old lady’s hand and was saying comforting words in her ears. I could see that the old lady seemed to be comforted by the act of the lady and by the words that she had murmured in her ears. It was very kind of the lady to have comforted the old lady throughout the flight till the time of landing.

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