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A picture of a 4-year-old girl named Ariyonna staring in the mirror yesterday went viral when she screamed and dubbed herself ugly. The girl spoke to her hairdresser as her locks were finished as Ariyonna said, I am so uglyAt once, her hairdresser replied, Don't do that! You are so cute! You're supposed to say,' I'm so happy' when you glance at yourself you've got the prettiest little dimples, you're too sweet.

Then the little girl begins to cry out to African-American women all over the world in a language very recognizable. We all cried out for this little girl because we recognize pa's mood and ridicule from the community because of our skin color. I saw myself in the little girl who was weeping in pain because her appearance didn't match the world's standard of beauty.

Many of us grew up and saw fair skin and blue eyes. When we spend a lifetime trying to erase those feelings, we've often experienced culture breaking down our trust. It's our job to teach the youth what we weren't told and tell kids ' Light is Beautiful' no matter what somebody does.

The hairdresser told me of the 1 or 2 people I met as a child who would seek to raise my mood and see the disappointment in my head. Thank you lilwavedaddy for that. The whole community supports the contributions and uplifts them.

And LilWaveDaddy posted this comment in a beautiful message: I sent Ariyonna a quotation to recite and now she's not going to stop saying I'm dark & gorgeous  Devil you're not going to steal the kid happiness! Thanks to all of you who sent nice words to Ariyonna today, she is more relaxed and lively than any other day, but more! In this position God transfers def! Pray for your babies, even when they're not yours.

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