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This Is The Woman Who Saved The Little Girl From Being Ab-ducted Yesterday. Show Her Some Love. – Video

Earlier today the Metropolitan Cop launched an appeal to track down Kadian Nelson, 26, following an charge in the North Place area of Merton at around 7am this morning. Pictures and videos shared on social media claimed a witness followed an assailant attempting to carry off a teenager. A woman can be heard asking the man whether he knows the girl before he walks away. The child is heard crying ‘thank you, thank you’.

Cop urged the suspect to turn himself in ‘for his own safety’ amid reports of vigilante groups looking for him. A Section 60 Order was authorised for the boroughs of Merton and Wandsworth and remains in place – granting cop additional stop and search powers, due to fears of serious rage. The Met said the child was being supported by specialist officers while officers patrolled the area.

The suffer and her family have been informed that a suspect has been apprehend and remains in custody. In a statement Mitcham and Morden MP Siobhain McDonagh MP said: ‘My heart goes out to the young girl who was carry off in Mitcham on her way to school this morning. ‘The extraordinary bravery of a lady who followed and filmed them has almost certainly saved the suffer from even further distress and has provided the cop extremely important evidence for what I sincerely hope will be the swift apprehension and the early apprehend of the slasher.’

During today’s appeal Detective Superintendant Owain Richards said: ‘I recognise that this is a shocking and distressing incident and emotions locally are running very high.‘We are of course aware of videos and images circulating on social media, and of groups of people attending various addresses. ‘I urge those people to go home. Do not try to take the law into your own hands or you may end up doing something you regret and potentially face cop action yourself.’

The force also asked people to remember that a cop investigation is currently ongoing and that they should be ‘mindful of sharing information via social media that could identify the suffer, or affect any potential future proceedings’.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Jacki Grant HeathMany thanks for having the courage to save this little girl.. You are a true Hero!!

Lily SWow this woman is an Angel on earth. Bless her and her courage. The suffer does say no I don’t know him.

Shivandy AIt really got to me that you said she didn’t put up much of a. We can all speculate what we might do but no one knows how they will react in a real situation. Some just freeze. I’ve taken a screen of the video you’ve shown and it Looks to me like he may be armed or pretended to be. Either way, to say she didn’t put up a doesn’t sit well with me. Wish I knew how to add the screen.

Lily Dread just to be clear she didnt go with him, a child was minding her own business and a grown man twice her size came up behind her and used her surprise and fear to move her where he wanted her to go

MsAmiqueWow. If this woman doesn’t do another good deed in her life (which I’m certain she will), she will still forever be in God’s grace! I’m so grateful that it turned out this way. Blessings to the young lady and for the woman who helped her!

Cyn GarciaOmg Mel I broke down crying hearing the fear in this teens voice and the woman who saved her broke down too. God helped that teen and helped that woman save that girl

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