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At Only 8 Years Old, This Boy Is Raising Tens of Thousands of Dollars For Homeless Veterans – Video

At the age of just 4, Maryland’s Tyler Stallings began accepting contributions for the veterans who were homeless and living on the streets. His mother, Andrea Blackstone, had been very happy with this deed. Many of his family members were veterans and he couldn’t understand how those great people could be homeless and need support. It encouraged him, and he helped.

The little boy’s urge to support these people was triggered after watching a video of former soldiers showing signs requesting help, signs ignored. Andrea gave her son details about what a couple of their family members did after joining the armed forces.

Tyler challenged his mom on why the veterans were homeless in the video. Tyler asked why they should be living that way because they were considered great people. Building homes for veterans who bought items from a supermarket was what Tyler decided to do first, CNN reports. After Andrea told the official he got $100 from Governor Hogan.

Tyler has helped to raise funds for homeless veterans. He helped them, and tried to let others learn about their hardships after they retired from the army. The boy also became a part of The Veterans Education and Training Center in Maryland.Andrea let Good Morning America know this enduring phenomenon was supposed to occur only once. It makes me extremely happy, said Tyler.

Eventually, the notion Tyler thought of was bags filled with clothes and other essentials. He told GoFundMe that when his mother told him they wouldn’t be able to build homes for them he thought of the idea of Hero Bags for the veterans.

Hero Bags contain necessities which include items for verbal care, items for skin care and more. Tyler’s efforts have helped bring in more than $50,000 which will be used to help homeless veterans. It wasn’t easy in the beginning to find a shelter willing to allow Tyler to support them, and

People found it difficult to consider such a serious matter from someone who was only 4 years old. Finally the boy was admitted by the Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training Program, and they welcomed his attendance. Andrea said when the Hero Bags were delivered to them, the veterans took the items they needed. She thinks it is fun to have a youngster there.

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