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Even as inspiring as the human race may be, still its people look for inspiration from within, on matter how far apart. And that is what world history has taught us. Joshua Beckford has already got his name in the history among the world’s most remarkable people and he has shown promise of much more to come.

He has been living with a level of high functioning autism, he belongs to Tottenham and yet at the age of 6 he has been among the people who  attend the Oxford University the stuff for legends. Now when he has attained the age of 13, he dreams to become a neurosurgeon as per

He was recently listed among the 30 most remarkable persons in the world who suffer from autism and who have impacted the society. While it is true that these types of minds require the right type of exposure, and his father made sure that he got his at the right time and the right amount.

When Joshua was hardly 10 months old, his father found out that he could remember the alphabets on the keyboard. With the keyboard being the child’s interest, his father said that he started telling him what the letters on the keyboard were and he realized that he could understand and remember them all.

So if he asked him to point to a letter, he correctly pointed at it. The next step was to move towards colors. He made sure that he memorized every color on the pallet.

He made him remember all the colors. Now he made it sure that he pointed at the correct color when asked by the name of the color.

Soon he was shifted to the English alphabet. He also made sure that he remembered the alphabets by their names and shapes.

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