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The Clubhouse app has been the new talk of the town. Since the new year, the invite-only app began to expand with plenty of users joining the platform. Many celebrities as well have also joined, from Oprah, to Joe Budden, to K. Michelle, and countless others. Compton rapper The Game also has joined the long list of celebrities on Clubhouse in December. Two months into joining, he’s making his presence felt in a mighty way. The rapper reportedly made some quite salacious claims during a Clubhouse session recently.

Multiple reports from Clubhouse users are surfacing that the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper logged on to the app to expose an charges list of women that he’s slept with over the years. While no audio has surfaced as of yet, according to users, his list included the likes of Kim Kardashian and her sister Khloe, Lisa Raye, Keyshia Cole, India Love, Blac Chyna, among others.

Not only did he name drop many famous names, he reportedly went on to label Kim Kardashian and India Love as “the best”. This isn’t the first time that the rapper has stated that he’s had a s-xual en -counter with Kim K. In 2019, The Game came under f-ire for a song that was captured in a clip shared by Eric Bellinger’s personal assistant. The song’s lyrical content, which happened to come in the midst of the #MeToo movement, featured charges from the rapper toward Kardashian, which angered many social media users as well as the general public and Kanye West.

The Game has also previously been in a relationship with India Love, before a break up between the two. Previously, he linked with football player Ron Robinson (another one of her exes) to throw a jab at Love by posting a photo together on Instagram. Game then shared a SnapChat video where he and Robinson persisted to mock India within their video. “It’s called if I f– you and he you, it’s called you ,” he said while Robinson laughed.

Their actions prompted Love to share an inspirational message in response to her exes’ antics. “God teaches you and teaches you until you learn,” reads a text bubble within the photo. “Life is all about lessons, you just need to keep the strength to get through them no matter how much they might break you down for a moment.” The message continued, “God gives you them to lift you up in bigger and better ways in the long run. He knows how strong you are. You are trying and that is enough, keep brawl.. You’ll see that the rewards outweigh the setbacks.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

T Stewart - Chatty "feminine behavior" is spot on for someone his age…it can also be described as high school boys football locker-room talk.

Dumini - Game is disg-usting for doing that , he obviously has issues and needs help , this sad cry for attention makes me feel bad for the guy , what a sad generation this has become, thanks again for another great video great to see the channel grow

Katrina Adkins - Oh that’s nice you have written a book . I am a bit pessimistic but I still believe I can change the change the world . But all good people have to join and work together. God bless you my brother

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