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People Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – The 7 Types Of Cosmic Connections

The universe works in strange and mysterious ways and is said to put people in your path that you are meant to connect with, whether to receive something from them or for us to provide them with something they need.

Many may be brief encounters, some will come and go and others may stay for as long as you need them to. Bear in mind that even when times are bad, the people in your life at this time are meant to be there. The universe will never give you more than you can cope with.

1. Heart-breakers 

come into our lives and make us weak in the knees, turn our brains to mush and make us feel we can conquer the world with them by our side. As unexpectedly as they arrived, they’ll pull the rug out from under us, breaking our hearts and torturing our souls, and therein lies our lesson to be learnt. Several heart-breakers may enter your life, perhaps as different as day and night from each other, but each with a different and valuable lesson for us to learn. Don’t obsess over it, work through the pain and learn from your mistakes.

2. Eternals 

come into your life to stay. They may be family or become forever friends and will support and comfort you in any way they can, through good times and bad. These are the people who understand you best and accept you for you are, they are irreplaceable.

3. Runners 

come into your life and quickly make an impact on you which may be positive or negative. Overall, they don’t stay around for long but when they leave, you may feel they’ve taken a part of you with them, and you’re probably right. Learn to let go of the runner even though it may hurt, it’s not the same kind of pain the heart-breaker left you with.

4. Reminders 

come into your life to do exactly that, to remind you of something you’ve forgotten. They may only be around briefly but will give you subtle hints to jog your memory. Sometimes, the forgotten memory will come out of the blue after they’ve gone.

5. Teachers 

will surely have a lesson for you to learn even though they may not even know it. They’ll teach you to accept yourself and move forward. Teachers can make a really big difference in our lives.

7. Learners 

come to us to learn and we become the teachers, without even knowing it. Through our actions and words we can affect who the learner becomes, making a difference in their lives we never knew we could.

Empowerers make us feel that we can do anything we put our minds to. They’ll come into your life at the right moment to empower us and will push us to do and be who we truly want to be. It’s a truly amazing feeling when someone believes in you, like you can touch the sky.

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Use Your Brain to Elongate Your Cell-By-Date – The most important person in our life is the Self – the Spirit. A person who is at One with the Spirit has everlasting inner harmony, joy and friendship.

Jamie Wimberly – Everyone you meet can teach you something. That’s true because it’s demonstrably true. Everyone you meet is meant to teach you something, is nothing more than conjecture, because it cannot be demonstrated to be true.

Izzy Role –I had I pshysemic connections…turns out she was all over space witherhoeass

Luis Velazquez – Fk that, I don’t need any lesson with std’s or sti’s. Lmao. Side’s no one teaches for free nowadays.

Dan HalversonEvery single person I have ever met must be here to belittle, mock and ridicule . Because that is all I get 24/7 365 for 50 years

KiwibaldySo much more inspirational to me than the religious stories that used to excite me. Probably his best lecture yet!

SheldonDr. Krauss is easily one of my favorite persons. Been following him since 2008. I wish I could bother him in Phoenix, Arizona – that is a dream of mine. But, I’m satisfied with his lectures and publications. Please keep doing what you do! It fuels me and my influences. Thank you!

Corey Audet He thinks he’s smart or something… Smart isn’t the word for it. Genius, and brilliant are understatements as well. I didn’t care for this guy at all at first. That all changed when I shut my judgmental mouth, and listened to what he’s saying.

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