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Anyone who has reached 30 might glance around and remember since they turned 20 they might not have the same group of friends they did. Life happens, we move, we go on different adventures of life, and we just don't have the luxury of traveling around campus to binge tv. As much as we want to be Girlfriends ' real-life equivalent-channeling our inner Joan, Toni, Rachel, or Marilyn, as we get older, our circle gets smaller and smaller. It could even transform into a triangle (or a line for those who really have no patience for the BS). Still, there's a kind of friend that every one of us wants in our lives during this process.

Your person

It's your BFF, whether your flight. To your Gayle, The Oprah. The Beyonce's Shannon. We all need one mate who just lifts us up. In thick and thin they were with us and they're not going anywhere. We are compassionate but they don't dread telling us the truth out of compassion. We respect us for who we are, and their emotions obviously are reciprocal. We learn all our secrets but because we know theirs too, we would never share them. You can be around them, safe from reviewal and they believe the same thing. It is what determines a true friendship.

Optimistic one

Whether these are the years you're going to experience the greatest heartbeats in adulthood, or the best memories that will always make you smile, or both, you need a positive-vibes-only partner beside you. In any case, the confident friend is the one who still sees the best. No, on rainbows and unicorns they don't hope, however they realize that whatever happens, you're going to get through it. And to remind you of that, they'll always be there. Second, they help you, and then ask questions later. They're not great, but their mindset encourages you to be successful and have an amazing life perspective.

Reliable one

The flaky friend's days are gone. Who's got time for it? This isn't just a drive to go and cut people off (unless you like that's what you need), but when you're focusing on your life's connections, who do you think you should count on, whatever? The trustworthy buddy in our 30s is a must-have. This is a time when we develop our jobs, our communities and our lives. The entire decade is a favorite, and we need a partner to show up and be loyal… and do as much as we reciprocate the affection they claim they will do.

Beyond the limits

Have you ever known that some partnerships that once were the strongest are no longer actually moving beyond the surface? Perhaps perhaps they've never had it. Many partnerships are meant to be fun and entertaining, but others are supposed to be more than group chats and social events. The friend goes further beyond the horizon than the usual partner. You're not only dreaming about life, you're doing it together, no matter how much space you come through over time. This is one of the various kinds of partnerships taking work. But when we have landmark times, with us, they are the ones we want there.


Of example, seven days is not enough time to plan or save on an international trip, but the kind of friend who is not afraid of being adventurous is definitely needed during our 30s. We let us know that it's okay to let our hair down and have fun really! All hasn't got to be so serious all the time. The best memories need not be the ones we're preparing. Some of them are actually experienced on the move when we least expect it to be. So thanks to our daring mate, who is not afraid to take a chance, we can live it to the utmost, try something new so drive us to do the same.

Work friend

Who doesn't love a good friend at work?! Someone who gets to appreciate what you are going through from 9-5. While the relationship starts at work, it can sometimes develop into so much more. You might be welcoming them to your birthday parties, wedding parties and baby showers. But the best part is, this is one of the most genuine partnerships, due to being around them almost all day. You could only talk during work, or after hours or during lunch, you might offer to each other. Nonetheless, in our 30s, there's nothing like having a solid working mate.

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