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18-year-old Jourdan Duncan had to walk home from work after his car br-oke down. Corporal Kirk Keffer of the Benicia Po-lice Department was on his patrol when he saw Jourdan and gave him a lift home. Living with his parents in Vallejo, California, Jourdan works for a nutritional supplement company called Pro-Form Laboratories in nearby Benicia. Jourdan is happy to overnight work for the company packing shipping boxes, a position which he obtained through a friend from church.

Usually, Jourdan’s commute is a quick 7-mile ride, but it increased to over 2 hours when his car bro-ke down. While Jourdan was offered rides to work by his parents and other people in his life, he wants to make it on his own and thus walks the distance when he is done with his shift. It was when Jourdan was walking home from work that he came across Corporal Kirk Keffer of the Benicia Po-lice Department. When Corporal Keffer was on his patrol, he saw Jourdan walking and became suspicious.

Speaking with reporters from CNN, Corporal Keffer said that he was surprised to see a young person walking in Benicia’s industrial sector late at night. Corporal Keffer was especially concerned because the area did not even have a sidewalk and Jourdan was walking on the side of the road. As Corporal Keffer pulled his patrol car over to talk to Jourdan, the young man confessed that he felt a little nervous. In a separate interview with CBS, Jourdan said that he made sure not to run so that the officer would not think that he had committed a cr-ime or was in possession of any armer.

Exiting his patrol car, Corporal Keffer questioned Jourdan, who told him his story. Corporal Keffer was instantly impressed by Jourdan’s work ethic, later remarking to reporters that most teenagers do not want to make a quick trip to the store let alone walk 7 miles to work each night. While many officers might have just let Jourdan continue his trek home, Corporal Keffer felt that he needed to do something for the young man and thus offered him a ride home. On their ride, Corporal Keffer was even more impressed when Jourdan told him that he was planning on saving money to go to college so that he could become a officer.

Once Corporal Keffer was done with his shift, he was determined to help Jourdan achieve his dreams. In a conversation with his supervisor, Corporal Keffer got permission to use po-lice association funds to buy Jourdan a $500 mountain bike, which would be ideal for the steep hills near the young man’s home. Corporal Keffer, along with several other officers from the Benicia Po-lice Department, then went to surprise Jourdan with the gift after he got off work.

Standing in the lab’s parking lot, Corporal Keffer later remembered thinking that he hoped that Jourdan would not think that he was in trouble with so many officers present to greet him. As Jourdan emerged from the building, he had the biggest smile on his face upon seeing the po-lice department’s gift. In presenting the bike to Jourdan, the officers made sure to congratulate him on his strong work ethic. Happily accepting the gift, Jourdan promised that he would take extremely good care of the bike and that it would change his life. Corporal Keffer also told of how he had set up a GoFundMe page to help Jourdan pay for college.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Arlene - What a amazing story, I salute you officer for simply taking time out your day to help this young man and go over and beyond.

Enrique Alvarez - Let’s share this kindness more and more, yes we have cops with a heart of flesh. Great job

Mllie Jacques - My dad is a cop and had to drive many people that were walking in the rain back home.

Connie - I love seeing interactions like this between people. We are so much more if we come together and learn from each other. Life is our school, get out and start learning.

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