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Sommer Ray Shows Off Impressive Tongue Skills – Video

Sommer Ray is showing off her impressive tongue skills, and it’s the amazing thing you’ve seen all day! The social media phenom just shared an insane video where she is reminiscing about the good ol’ days when you could venture out for dinner with a group of friends and have a great time!

So, the fitness model decided to share a video where she hits the town with amazing dress. At one point she even sticks out her tongue, making faces at the group!

“I miss going to dinner w friends lion or cheetah?? or both?” Sommer captioned the stunning video. In the clip, a friend describes her outfit alongside her beautiful locks of curly hair and asks if she looks more like a cheetah or a lion.

You get the point! In the snaps, Sommer is decked out in a animal print shirt. Of course, at one point she licks towards the camera like an animal — ya, it looks like a good time!

“God you’re gorgeous,” one fan wrote. Another added, Well, you are going to have to dive into her Instagram to get your fix.

Here You Go! After seeing the amazing footage, one guy just took his snap, saying, “I want to marry you and sail around the world beyond my comprehension of natural beauty.” Good Luck!

As you know, Sommer became a household name after dating musician Machine Kelly and going through a very public seprate.

The fitness model is known for lighting up Instagram with a steady stream of mind-blowing photos, including this latest set where she is sporting black dress.

Just wait until she does the turnaround! As always, several of Sommer’s millions of followers begged her to join where they can pay for more access to her photos!

As we reported, A-listers like Bella Thorne are making MILLIONS from sharing pictures and videos on the site.

The actress reportedly pulled in seven figures in the first 24 hours.

At this point, Sommer is sticking with sharing snaps promoting her fitness brand, but most of the time that includes images from her workout sessions.

This is how people reacted to this post:

drakeI am be honest i wasn’t looking at the jacket

sommerayyou’re so inspiring and talented

NahRicegums and sommer’s chemistry bussin tho, this video was literally about rice gum’s day at the gym lol

DaleI’d straight up be lost in her eyes….lost in everything about her its ridiculous shes awesome

Campbelleverybody when sommer was pushing Bradley: “My god that cake”

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