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As she earned her Harvard law degree from Briana Williams, she marched through the graduation stage similar to the way she ran across the campus in the last year of study  holding her baby daughter in her arms In a series of photos showing her with her 13-month old daughter Evelyn in coordinating caps and gowns, the 24-year-old alum highlighted the importance of her May 24 debut.

Williams posted the photos in an inspirational message on social media, which has since gone viral. At first, I was my[ marginalised] community's exception. First, I hope that I will be an inspiration, for my baby's sake.

The article has also attracted attention to the story Williams shared of how she finished taking a final test while in college last year and how she immediately asked for an epidural so that my contractions would not mess with my degree in Family Law. It turns out she did not have anything to think about.

Last semester, I was doing well. I did pretty well every semester, she told TODAY from Los Angeles where she now resides and will work soon: Williams has already landed a job in the law department of a large corporation in the city. But for now, she's preparing for the bar exam in July, giving her no opportunity to bask on the accomplishment she's just achieved in spotlight.

Williams said part of the reason she opened up about her struggle was that few people who followed her on Instagram knew the mental fatigue ad roller coaster she had experienced in the past year. We see a lot of the outcomes of all on social media but we don't see their systems. The nights I stay up late, all the bottles, my previous hardships to raise Evelyn alone, she said, my social media isn't shown.

I only wanted to share my experience because it made me feel really inspired and I thought it would help somebody else feel that way too. Williams educated Evelyn on her own but with much support from her friends in Harvard. Because of the rate, she shunned using daycare, instead placing the money in for investments and living expenses, and focusing on babysitting mates. She took her friend to college sometimes too.

When I needed to bring Evie, I'd contact my teachers and they'd be perfect, she said. She also had one particular building full of people who she felt she could count on when in a bind. I'd drop her off at the student dean's office if I realized Evie wouldn't be cool that day and I just needed to focus, she said. There they all cherished her.

Williams acknowledges that there have been many days that she didn't think she'd make it, however she believes that her accomplishments would motivate many. There are some bad things that have happened to us in life but we shouldn't let external circumstances decide how we use them to go on, she added.

She added that you can use those items as a crutch or add them to your testimony in a manner that can encourage others. If you are having that kind of attitude with every single negative thing that happens, you will always win in the end. It makes Williams realize she had no alternative but to excel for her daughter's sake, which she praised for at the conclusion of her Instagram post. Thank you for granting me the power and the bravery, she read, to be unstoppable.

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