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The most loved creature on the earth is the mother of any living being. The mother of any living being deserves all the respect and love and honor from everyone in this world. Now a days there are several kind of mothers and the most liked and respected one is the single mother. A single mother deserves all the respect and love from each one of us as she is the one who slogs day in and day out to bring her children up.

She tries to give her best to her child and makes sure that her child is not at all short of anything in this world and gets the best of everything that can be bought.

Today here we are going to discuss about a single mom who in spite of all the short comings in her daily routine has made it possible to achieve the impossible in these times. Yes, we are talking of a single mother who in spite of all odds finished her graduation and got a degree for herself.

What an achievement. And the best part was when she posted her picture grabbing her 1 year old son with the graduation coat and cap. And while she held the boy, the boy held a play card telling us that ‘’ she did it for me’’.

This was a truly touching moment and the moment was caught on the camera of the mother and son. This single mom inspires every other mom to get up and achieve her dream despite all odds whatsoever they might be. These small actions by different moms across the world do inspire the other moms to come forward and do the invincible.

May God bless this mom with good wishes and all the best in her life and may she lead a happy and healthy long life.

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