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Rick Ross has been heavy in the media thanks to promo for his new book and his ever expanding Wing Stop franchise. The Miami hip-hop legend has been doing a lot of work rebranding and taking ownership of his narrative. He has positioned himself as a mogul and family man looking to share the wealth and knowledge. According to his baby mother this could not be further from the truth however, and she is also looking to reclaim her narrative with a new unscripted series on The For US By US Network.

Brianna Camille is a social media influencer, model and fitness enthusiast. The U.S Army vet is also a mother of five. Two of which are from a previous relationship, and three she had with Ross. Berkley, Billion, & Bliss have unfortunately found their names in the media a lot as mommy and daddy struggle to come to terms with how they’ll like to co-parent following their divide.

Tired of the misinformation, she’s partnered with the ‘For Us By Us’ Network for a new series titled “Getting Back to Bri”. According to a trailer posted to her Instagram, the show will follow her and her everyday struggles as a mother and business woman. She reveals that the show will also stream on FoxSoul. In the volatile trailer she reveals that all the issues with Ross have begun to take their toll on her.

So much so that she is struggling to bond with their baby Billion. She tells someone offscreen that maybe she was going through postpartum sadness because she had no desire to be bothered with her kids. “I should be wanting to bond with the baby” she says. In their own post about the show, For Us By Us says in their caption “hear the TRUTH!”. In a clip from the trailer they tease that there are two sides to every story and that the show will air in November. The name of the channel is not a coincidence, it is founded by the creator of FUBU as well. J. Alexander, Roberto “Rush” Evans, Terence Greene and Datu Faison are all co-owners.

The shows mission statement says, “The For Us By Us Network was formed with a vision to develop quality content around topics, people and trends related to hip hop culture and lifestyle.” The channel has a growing list of shows including a new one following Boosie Badazz titled Bad Azz Boosie which is teased as a comedy about the rapper and his life managing 7 kids and a music career. Harlem legend Camron is also gearing up to do a series as well called Killa Flips about his flipping houses.


Karla Davis - It happens, especially with a lot of other stressors going on at the same time. Can you imagine growing and anticipating this baby, and then once it comes you feel like whatever? Not having that instant bond that everyone thinks you should have is a stressor in itself. If she gets a therapist and some meds to even out the hormones she should be okay.

Lewis - My wife was the same way with both our sons it took a while. I guess some women are just like that.

Sheena - It’s a real thing that happens. I’m happy to see a mother being honest and vocal about it.

Alaina - Atleast its realized. Sometimes it happens. It happened with my middle child but we eventually bonded beautifully

Royce - This happens alot to new mothers prayerfully for her mental health and emotional bond

Sandy - Pray read to your kids get a child Bible and read and the bond will come have faith


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