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Kandi Burruss Youtube series Speak On it has been an outlet for the reality television star and her guest to discuss touchy subjects that may be too much for other places. Like her own version of Red Table Talk, Burruss has opened up about a lot most recently talking about a batch of unhappiness she experienced in middle school that almost lead to her taking her own life. Kandi Burruss has not been the only one opening up on the show. Earlier this summer R&B singer Nivea was a special guest, who opened up about her sad past dealings her baby fathers Lil Wayne and Terius “The-Dream” Nash.

While speaking with Kandi, Nivea opened up about her introduction into the music industry. As an underage aspiring singer, she was taken advantage of by an older man who acted as her manager and mentor. The relationship eventually led to her scoring a record deal. Despite scoring a hit record with “Don’t Mess with my Man” and a Grammy nomination, she decided to give it all away for then boyfriend, Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne moved her into his home in Louisiana before putting her back out in favor of his childhood sweetheart, Toya Wright. She eventually moved on with The-Dream and had 3 kids before he left her once finding success as a songwriter. She was left with nothing and had to rebuild.

Kandi Burruss took time to discuss her own past and some dark dark times she has experienced. While speaking on unhappiness, the singer opened up about a unhappiness she suffered as a teen. She was dealing with change to high school and the loss of her brother Patrick Riley in 1991. “I think as I got in high school is when I started finding myself and I also lost my brother… So it was still dealing with a bout of unhappiness and pushing through,” she said while talking to Esther Fairrow.

“I understand sadness and different things like that ’cause I dealt with stuff like that at a younger age. I had a bout in middle school,” Kandi explained. “I actually wanted to taking my own l-ife. But praise the Lord, I wasn’t able to find my mom’s g-n when I wanted to do it.”

This is how people reacted to this post:

Kenya Jones Mack - She not my fav celebrity but, I want speak I’ll towards what she went through. Thank God she didn’t take her own life!

LaKeisha Baylor - Exactly the stress of the world will have people wanting to do this. We have to stay prayed up

Kendra Allen - Real talk that's why individuals should judge and always stay humble cause you can be up today and down today

Te'Miymah Y. Yodhhewawhe - I mean, there are many other methods if a person is really bout it….but glad she’s good now!

Providence L. Watt - I watched the whole interview, it was great! All praises to God that Kandi didn’t take her own life and I’m so glad that her friend decided to take control of her own life. I wish her the best on her path to being a healthier person.

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