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Patriotic Bikers Get Involved After Learning Marine’s Remains Will Be Sent Home In A Fed Ex Box – Video

In 2015, Staff Sgt. Turner proceed in his California home, and his Marine brothers and sisters made arrangements locally. His mother, however, lived in Georgia and was too elderly to attend. The practical solution was to hold services in California, and then, ship the cremated remains to Georgia where additional services could be performed there and the remains would be with the family. Of course, shipping remains via Fed Ex is unceremonious for anyone let alone a vet.

Enter the Patriot Guard Riders whose motto is “Riding with Respect.” The Patriot Guard was established in 2005 and now has thousands of members across all 50 states. The mission of the organization is to protect the families of fallen heroes. Fallen heroes extend beyond the military to first responders, and its Help on the Homefront program provides direct assistance to families.

When the Patriot Guard Riders learned that Staff Sgt. Turner’s ashes would be delivered in this manner, they planned a much more dignified final trip to his mother’s home. This escort began in California and continued all the way across the country until reaching the mother’s home in Georgia. Turner’s remain traveled through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. No rider completed the entire trip. Instead, each group of Patriot Guard Riders would make it to their border. The remains would then be proceed to the next group. A ceremony was performed, and then, traveling recommenced.

Many Patriot Guard Riders are bikers. You don’t need a bike to participate, and the people they help are bikers and non-bikers alike. But perhaps what made this trip particularly special was that Turner was a biker. When he wasn’t protecting our freedoms, he was enjoying the open road. This made the entire journey particularly poignant. Jonathan Turner got to his final resting place doing what he loved and being honored for what he had sacrificed.

This is how people reacted to this post:

Terry Petersen Something is very wrong with a country that spends thousands to feed, house, and provide everything to someone here illegally, but cannot properly and respectfully return an American hero home to his family.

Dave RubleTo the Bikers involved in this selfless act, this old Gunny gives total respect. To SSgt Turner, rest in peace, Marine. Semper Fi.

John Stafford I am a disabled veteran of the USNavy, and a member if the Patriot Guard. No service member should EVER be sent home unaccompanied. The USMC and USDOD have the responsibility of bring every soldier, sailor, Airman and Marine home. I’m proud of the Patriot Guard Riders for filling in where our government has failed. Rest In Peace Marine

Jody MichelleThere is a problem when our politicians can figure out how to get their vacation travel paid for by us but we can’t get a service member or veteran home in the respectful and dignified manner in which they have earned and deserve. It makes me hopeful to see people pickup where others have shrugged their responsibility.

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