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‘Ms. Parker Still Looks Good’: Kathleen Bradley Appears In Real-Life Son’s Music Video As Character From Friday In – Video

It has been 25 years since The Friday movie franchise was brought to the world and it has lived on in a mighty way. The Ice Cube and DJ Pooh created franchise has produced many a quotable and meme, and has been labeled a classic for years. However as the film’s sequels came to light, some of the film’s cast of characters hadn’t appeared, leaving fans to wonder what happened.

Since the 2002 release of Friday After Next, fans of the movie have been waiting on edge for years on news pertaining to another Friday film. The waiting game had a bit of movement when the late actor and comedian John Witherspoon spilled the beans in an interview in 2017. Ice Cube then hinted that Last Friday was coming in an interview with N.O.R.E. on his Drink Champs podcast. “That’s what we want. We’re still trying to get Chris [Tucker] to do it,” Cube stated, while N.O.R.E. adds that Epps’ character would also be involved. “I hope so; I can’t make Chris do it, but fans can hit him up.”

Co-creator of the film’s franchise, DJ Pooh, doubled down in his own appearance on the same podcast a few months later. “I always keep a few in the chamber,” said DJ Pooh when asked what was next for the franchise. He then mentions that he and Cube hadn’t worked together in a while (Ice Cube wrote Next Friday and Friday After Next without DJ Pooh), “but we’re working on Last Friday,” he repeats, “we’re working on Last Friday.”

Last Friday, the fourth and possibly final installment in the franchise, is slated to be released in 2022, and fans are awaiting, while also wondering who will make appearances from the past films. One such character that some folks have inquired about was “Mrs. Parker” played by former model and actress Kathleen Bradley. “Mrs. Parker” was the older and more mature, adulterous, sultry siren neighbor to Ice Cube’s character, Craig. Her appearance in the film brought out the classic line “Hey, Ms. Parker!” which became another quotable over the years, as well as the Bernie Mac line “The Lord is my Shephard and He know what I want! Come here, Miss Parker!”. After the first film, however, she was not present in any of the sequels.

Bradley, who is also noted as the first permanent African-American model on The Price Is Right, felt some type of way about that and made it known while appearing on the red carpet of a 2013 NAACP event. She encouraged viewers to not support the films, saying “My fans are mad, they’re pis-sed off, as well as I am, so don’t go see it,” she said. “It won’t be the same without Chris Tucker or myself.” Bradley also appeared in a recent interview with Vlad TV over the summer where she further addressed why she felt she was not cast in either of the sequels. She also spoke on the sequels, calling Next Friday “a bust” and that Friday After Next was “just okay.” The cast also reunited for Witherspoon’s fun-er-al, where she states Ice Cube said he would like to get the cast together for the next installment.

While fans of Bradley await news on whether she will actually be back as Mrs. Parker in the next film, or if the film will even happen, due to Witherspoon’s de-ath throwing a wrench in plans and placing the film on the “back burner” according to Cube, they can catch her making appearances in music videos, as she’s been spotted in the music video for her son “Redd Magic” who is a rapper. Check it out below.

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Brandon Snow“The lord is my shepherd, he know what I want! Mrs. Parker!” Lmfao

Donald HartLawd have mercy. The lawd is my Shepard and he know what I want. Ms. Parker, Ms. Parker can I talk to you.

Sharon JohnsonI first seen this lady on the price is right an she still got her beauty flow on

Brett TisdaleMrs. Parker just don’t know.. oh she knows what she be doing in them shorts lol

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