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Cops are here to protect and serve us. And sometimes? That even means playing with dolls. After a had day’s work of catching hardened crim-inals and laying down the law, South Hill Po-lice Cpl. C.B. Fleming likes to relax and unwind by playing with Barbie dolls. Uh, say what?! “I fi!ur-ed if I could be that bright spot in someone’s day then that’s all that mattered.”You could say that Cpl.

Fleming was just “doing his job” when responded to reports of a possible gas l-eak at Mecklenburg Manor in South Hill, Virginia on Valentine’s Day. However, what went down after emergency crews determined there was no longer to life and limb wasn’t exactly part of his job description! When Fleming spotted some kids hanging around outside the apartment complex, he wanted to make them feel safe since they had just gone through experience. So, he around to spr-ead some cheer. And what’s the best way to make children instantly light up? Declare a recess, of course! Since he was still the new kid on the blo*k and pretty much towered over everyone else, Cpl. Fleming drop-ped to the ground to appear less of a thr-eat.

Once he gained everyone’s trust, he got busy coloring books with the boys and playing dolls with the girls. That’s much more fun and productive than filling out paperwork, right? “People need the positivity.” When 28-year-old Iesha Roper-Boswell saw Fleming playing Barbie with her niece and daughter, she whipped out her smartphone and recorded his unusual behavior.

While most attention hogs crave social media exposure, she told WTVR that she didn’t do it for the likes or clicks. As for Cpl. Fleming, who got caught red-handed go-ofing around on duty, maybe his bosses will let this one slide since he most likely stuck to the rules and didn’t color outside the lines. “It’s something I’ve always tried to do.” The media doesn’t always portray cops in a good light, which is why it’s always been Cpl.

Fleming’s goal to be seen as more than a just blight on people’s radar. He takes comm-unity kind-ness very seriously, even if it is expressed in a rather cheeky way! Fleming didn’t want to come acr-oss as just another cop earning a paycheck, so he started reaching out to the community on a personal level. As a mom and auntie, Iesha absolutely adores what Cpl. Fleming has done for her neighborhood. Iesha says that Fleming’s genuine interest in the neighborhood kiddos really shows: Watch the touching story in the video below and share this beautiful moment with your friends and family.

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