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Model Tammy Hembrow’s ‘Next Level’ Pic

Tammy Hembrow has an incredible personality and she doesn’t want you to forget it. The Instagram model took it to a whole new level on Thursday, when she shared a post-workout video to Instagram.

The 26-year-old left wear a of white dress. In the video, the beauty looks at the camera as she throws her arms up to show off her six-pack.

The mother-of-two then shows her forearm butterfly tattoo in front of camera.

Hembrow has 11.6 million followers on Instagram, and these snapshots received about 73,000 likes in just one hour.

The model kept her locks up in a clip, letting wispy tendrils of grown out bangs fall to frame her face.

She finished her look off with a medium coverage foundation, eye with defined brows and a lip.

Despite rumours, Tammy has consistently denied that she has had a Brazilian lift. Back in December.

She told The Daily Telegraph her prominent posterior was the result of ‘genetics’ and hard workouts.

Earlier this month, Tammy was charge of photoshopping in a recent Instagram post.

The social media star shared a photo of herself wearing a dress while boating.

However, some fans noticed that the corner of Tammy’s rug, which was just behind her back, was mysteriously bent upwards.

Warped lines and stretched objects are tell-tale signs that a photo has been edited. ‘The carpet’s bent.

So much for the natural look,’ one follower commented. Tammy quickly responded: ‘Sis, go look at literally any photo with that carpet in it.

It bends up at the corner lol. Trust me, ya girl does not need to Photoshop.’

This is how people reacted to this post:

JamelianThat carpet is actually bent like that. It’s been established from another photo of hers. So it is NOT photoshopped.

Gemswalker – But I love this photo. Good job mama

Alyssaluisaaasomething my mom would definitely do

BrownieOutstanding! Best outfit I’ve seen on you, shows off your shape perfectly!

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