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Michelle Williams Says To Leave People Who Walked Away At Your Lowest Right Where They Are

We all watched the roller coaster of Michelle Williams’ relationship with Chad Johnson. And in the beginning, most of us were rooting for them as a couple. Michelle certainly deserved love and it seemed that Chad would be the one to give it to her. But some insensitive comments a lack of understanding of discrimination and her own hesitation about the union eventually did them in or so we thought. Long after we thought they broke up, the two were photographed together at last year’s Kentucky Derby.

When it comes to love, things can change quickly. Since that outing, Michelle asked folks how they really know they’re ready to be married. I found it interesting. She still has plenty to say in terms of thought-provoking discussions.

While she’s not hitting us with questions this time around, Williams did have a good word in terms of knowing your worth and allowing people to walk out of your life gracefully. See what she had to say.

I truly believe when that happens, it’s one of God’s way of making space for something else truly amazing! Make room Lord Amen.

It is important to make room for what you want by clearing out the cobwebs of people who are not really, really down to ride for you or don’t have the capacity to handle all of your complexities.

We don’t know who she’s speaking about specifically. But if I were a betting woman, I’d think my odds were pretty good.

This is a good piece of advice for those of us who have been or still are of the mindset that it won’t ever get any better than the person we’re with or want to be with right now. Begging someone to love you is not a good look and it’s particularly harmful for your psyche.

But the part that perplexes me is the part about dinner being cheaper. Chile, I sincerely hope Michelle wasn’t picking up the tabs in her past relationships
Let’s hope sis is talking about environmentally unfriendly friendships.

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