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Meghan Markle and her husband Harry will return to Britain this summer, at the invitation of the Queen, and they'll bring their son Archie with them. The reticent royals reportedly left Queen Elizabeth II “very sad” when they refused to bring her great-grandson back from Canada for their recent visit for royal duties this month.

But they have accepted the 93-year-old monarch’s invitation to bring him with them to visit her during her summer break at her Scottish retreat of Balmoral, the Sunday Times of London reported. It will be Archie's first time back on British soil since Megxit.

The summer reunion will happen in May, and will include time with Harry's dad Prince Charles. It's not yet clear if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make time to see Harry's brother Prince William and his wife Kate, along with their children George, Charlotte and Louis (Archie's cousins).

The two couples feud was the subject of epic tabloid fascination last year and is rumored to be the reason Meghan and Harry left the UK for Canada this past January.

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