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A father from Texas has created an Instagram account to show his special relationship with his daughter - and wants young men to take after him. Michael Worthington, 29, lives in Dallas with four-year-old Asia. Their duo lives on Instagram on the account Icemikeloveasia, which has more than 580,000 followers. Worthington and Asia's mother seprate two years ago but he made a point to keep spending time with his daughter.

The photos and videos he shares on Instagram show him and Asia dancing, making and sharing meals or striking a pose for the camera. In one of the clips, Worthington gives Asia a pedicure and kissing her foot when she says it hurts. Another one shows him taking Asia for her first face with the ocean. 'A first time experience we both shared together,' Worthington wrote in the caption. 'I won't forget.'

A video in which he teaches Asia how to line the seat with toilet paper when using a public bathroom has received more than 19,000 likes. Many of the posts show Worthington expertly doing Asia's hair, which can involve braiding it, or putting it up into a sleek bun. In a different video, he finishes painting Asia's nails with pink nail polish, prompting her to smile excitedly at the camera as she blows on her manicure to dry it.

The account has attracted more than 580,000 followers and thousands of comments cooing over Worthington's close parenting style. He now hopes his posts will inspire young men to spend time with their children and be involved in the different stages of their lives. 'Asia's mother and I separated about two years ago,' Worthington wrote next to a rare photo of Asia with her two parents. 'I didn't let that stop me from seeing Asia.

'As you can see I spend a lot of time with Asia before and after. I would show you all a recent pic of us all together. But there isn't one. Lol. She does her own thing and I do mine. 'Moral of the story…I didn't let a separation keep me from being involved in Asia's life. Asia loves me dearly and I love Asia more. I wouldn't let anyone or anything stop me from being involved.' In a different post, Worthington wrote: 'Spending quality time with yours is "REAL" child support. I pay child support and I still spend quality time.'

Worthington, who has worked as a model on his own and with Asia, told the Huffington Post he could do anything with her and make it fun. 'It developed over the years, me being around and active, staying loyal to fatherhood and trying my best to make a difference in her life. 'I get messages from young men, maybe high school kids who want to be a father. They say they look up to me and one day they want to be just like me and I say stay in school, be positive. Be sincere with what you're trying to accomplish.'

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