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Meet The Professional Cuddler Who Makes $80 An Hour Snuggling Clients – Video

Talk about a cushy job! It may sound like a joke, but professional cuddlers are quickly becoming a legitimate profession for many people. Meet Robin Marie, a self-described cuddlist. This non-touch therapy can last anywhere from just a few minutes to all the way overnight, depending on the needs of the client. Marie is a big believer in the power of touch. It is this belief that led her to pursue a career in professional cuddling.

Marie said that it is natural to want to be touched and that engaging in these sessions can prove to be quite therapeutic for many people. Despite what you might think about the seriousness of the job, cuddlists undergo a process of certification. The organization, Cuddlist, offers a certification program that lasts approximately four months. In addition to her cuddling certification, Marie also boasts a master’s degree in counseling psychology according to her website, enabling her to relate better to her clients and their personal needs.

Marie follows a strict protocol when screening clients.Not only does she request identification, but she also makes her clients sign an agreement outlining the personal boundaries of the sessions. Although some clients want to cuddle, others just hire Marie for the companionship. Many people are surprised to learn that Marie earns $80 per hour for this job. Marie believes that the profession will become more common in the future. If you want to learn more about becoming a cuddlist or hiring one for yourself,

This is how people reacted to this post:

Myles MontgomeryThis is actually really useful. Some people need to be cuddled to just let out stress and to feel comforted but have no one they can ask. I think this is a great profession! But not for $80 an hour

Su Yee MoeIn Myanmar, there was a Free Hug event a few years ago. Some young person volunteered to hug strangers in public area. They aimed juz to give a hug to bcome a better day for stressful life for whoever needs a hug. But that sympathatic event was ended by mocking up from conservatic aged.

Teecha MoeThat is to tell you how people crave for touch. Not romantically, but physical contact to feel alive and validated.

Donna Sue FredHey not only that but look at the great naps she gets for that 80 bucks! That being said, this belief stems from the New Age movement with its roots in mysticism

Debi Murphy ErnserEeeeek, I would be worried about anyone doing this…colds, germs and frankly anyone invading my private space.

Lisa Gallion-Sullivan I can understand the need for this because when a person loses a loved one and they are they simply miss physical touch this would make sense. It’s not for a hook up or a possible fling it’s for much needed healing.

Karen Culbertson KimWho wants to cuddle a stranger! No guarantee the person is clean, smells good and not a perv. No thank you!

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